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little league baseball player

Wow!  This is my first post.  I’ve never done this before, but at 66 years of age, I’ve had a lifetime of firsts.

I remember my first baseball game.  It was a disaster.  I struck out because I had my eyes closed when I was batting, scared the ball was going to kill me.  That probably was due to my brother who pitched to me, but hit me just to have fun.  I remember picking up a ground ball, throwing it to first base and getting the runner out.  Wow!  I felt like I had just won the World Series.

I remember my first sermon.  People didn’t know it, but they were just about to hear the next Billy Graham.  I had rehearsed the sermon many times and timed it at about 30 minutes each time.

It was going to be awesome.  The day came to preach.  I was excited.  I got up to preach and preached the entire sermon.  But it went faster than I thought.  I was finished in 7 minutes.  What happened? I didn’t know what to do, so I preached it again.  Second time it only lasted 5 minutes, so I ended it.

After the sermon, people raved over my preaching.  I felt great, but didn’t realize that they thought the sermon was so great because it lasted only 12 minutes.  People have never heard a bad sermon.

This blog is short.  Ever read a bad short blog?  Maybe this is the first.

How about you?  Do you remember any of your firsts?  What do you remember?

You might remember your first piano recital, your first day in school, your first speech in a speech class or your first date.

Maybe you remember your excitement, your fears, your successes and failures, or your “fans” (probably family) cheering you on.

As you reminisce in recalling your firsts in life, do three things.

1)  Be thankful for the opportunity you had in trying something for the first time.

2)  Be thankful for the changes in your life that can only happen when you begin something.  You might have grown into an accomplished pianist who stumbled in your first recital.  But you kept playing.  Congratulations.  You pressed on and grew.

3)  Be thankful for others that you can encourage who are doing something for the first time.  Remember that Billy Graham had a first sermon,  Michael Jordan scored a first basket, Moriah Carey recorded a first song, or John Grisham wrote a first novel.  When you encourage someone today, you might be encouraging the next person who makes some valuable contribution to our world.

Have fun as you remember your firsts, but also as you help others as they experience the thrill of their first.

In Him,


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  1. Hello Jim and Glenda: I cant imagine how scared you were thinking about walking across America. You have to have so many questions and concerns about the daily walk. I know that you two have the Blessing of God on you as you two travel this beautiful][ and long] country of ours. You are such a absolute inspiration to all of us at NPFCC and our families. Each day I say to my wife after a days work , Pastor Jim is still walking, bringing the love of Jesus to all he will meet and to those who are interested in what he is doing. Blessing and love to you Jim and Glenda. I hope you feel the love of our God like wings of eagles beneath your feet. In Christ,Steve Williams

    • Hi Steve,
      What a wonderful comment to the blog. Your kind words and encouragement are huge factors in giving Glenda and me the support we need for the walk. Yes. Our country is beautiful. As soon as we are out of the cities, I’m sure we’ll begin to see the beauty and diversity of this amazing country. Already we have seen the beauty and power in the homes of America.

    • Yes. We had questions about the walk, but more trust that questions, so here we are in Arizona on our way to New York City…one step at a time, never walking alone…always with Jesus, one step at a time. We’re meeting His people along the way. Fabulous to trust Him. He knows what He is doing, even when we don’t. Blessings, Jim

  2. Ok Jim this is, my First reply to a blog.. And I am the First to respond. I am glad that God gives us the encouragement to respond to “the first’s” that He nudges us to take that step to give it a try. I am really inspired that God called you for your (first?) walk across America that He called what the world would’ve called crazy. A gentlemen long in years, and that had never done anything like this before. He called you to encourage All that He can enable anyone to whatever First’s He call us too. God can make the impossible..Possible! God Bless.

    • Hi Cindy,
      You made a great first reply to a blog. I’m no pro at this, but jumping in and learning as I go. That’s true with the blog, the walk, the RV and getting into homes of people we’ve never met before. However, as you said, “all things are possible”…with God leading the way.
      Happy walking,

    • I love your response. Yes. We are called to walk and that is what we’re doing. God knows what He is doing and is showing us that, day by day. Blessings to you on your walk.

  3. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings.
    Lift was great last night , Crystal is doing a fantastic job trying to fill the shoes you took with you on your walk. The sound system for Hosanna and the other songs gave her a fit at first but she is so good at thinking on her feet and God provided the answer. Each day your love for God touches another person as you walk in the light of the apostle Paul. The story last week was on the city of Ai and God’s people not listening especially Achen ,they were defeated. This week once they felt the pain of defeat He promised them the city of Ai to prove His covenant of love to them and followed Him and Joshua for years afterward. The children all had different views on what they learned from the story one was don’t lie, another love Jesus, another listen to God another “have any more jolly ranchers Mister Steve’. In Christ Steve

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