Had a WOW Day Recently?

Have you had a WOW Day recently?

I hope so, because I had one on April 1.  (No joke.)

What is a WOW Day?  For me, it’s a day that is exceptional.  It’s a day that takes my breath away.  It’s a day that emits the same breathtaking exclamations that I might have seeing an awesome sunrise or sunset.  It’s a day that leaves me speechless.   For me a WOW Day has three decisive actions from me.  These actions open up many possible responses  that could result in a WOW Day.  Here are my three actions.

1.)  W AKE UP.  The WOW Day can only happen if I am awake.  By being awake, I don’t only mean to open my eyes and get out of bed.  People do that every day with no WOW Day in sight.  When I say I must WAKE UP, I mean I must “wake up” to see, hear, feel and touch all that is before me.  When I WAKE UP, I’m excited about the possibilities of the day before me.  My senses are full of anticipation and excitement at what might happen.  I am fully energized for the day.  I am AWAKE!!

2.)  O PTMIZE THE DAY.  To OPTIMIZE the day, I fill my thoughts with believing the best is coming.  I become a true believer. I’m not just hoping.  I really believe something special is coming.  I see the day differently.  My eyes see the good in whatever is happening.  This one act changes my attitude, which is so foundational for a WOW Day.  My senses are charged, full of positive feelings for the day ahead.

3.)  W ALK.  To have a WOW Day, I must WALK, meaning I don’t just sit and wait.  I must take action and do something. Talking doesn’t bring a WOW Day.  Action does.  So, I must take positive steps to make something happen.

When I do those three things, a WOW Day can happen.  One did on April 1, 2013.  Let me share what happened.  As I share this, think about the last WOW Day you had.

At 4:30 am on April 1, 2013, I WOKE UP…fully ready for that day to be one of the most exciting days of my life.  IT WAS!  I was fully awake, with my heart pounding in my chest.  I was ready to begin the WALK ACROSS AMERICA that had been in the planning for months.

My mind was OPTIMIZING THE DAY, believing the best.  My wife, Glenda and I, would go to our church, meet some friends, have a prayer, then I would walk to a mall about 4 miles away with any friends who wanted to join me.  I thought we might have 15-20 people at the church.  That many excited me.  Maybe 5-10 would walk to the mall.  I was pumped.  I believed I might walk 20 miles the first day.

I WALKED.  We arrived at the church at 5:20 am and a few people were there.  By 6:00 am, we had nearly 80-90.  INCREDIBLE!!

It was wet, with a drizzle or light rain.  So special.  Glenda and I met and began dating in Eugene, Oregon in 1965 and often walked in the rain.  “Thank you, Lord, for adding the rain.”  At 6:00 am our pastor prayed.  The prayer ended at 6:02.  I looked at my watch and said, “It’s 6:02.  Let’s go.”  I turned and WALKED to the mall with around 30 people walking with me.  I WAS STOKED!  EXCITED!  The WOW Day had begun.

We didn’t have 15-20 friends at the church.  We had 90.  WOW.

We didn’t have 5-10 friends walking to the mall. We had 30.  WOW!

I didn’t walk 20 miles.  I walked over 26.  WOW!!

It would continue all day with MANY SURPRISES & BLESSINGS in 14 hours.   I’ll share those in a future blog…SURPRISES & BLESSINGS.

Please think of your last WOW Day and share it with me.  How did it happen?  Did anything you did prepare you for it or did it just happen?

WOW Days are so exciting and uplifting that I’m praying that you have one today!!  Please let me know about your WOW Day.

Jim/Walking with Jim

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  1. My WOW day was on Sunday …. My daughter, who is 3 1/2, and I were working on a 9 piece puzzle. Matching the right pieces where they belong…. Sunday she matched all the pieces in the right place all by herself… That was the first time she accomplished that task in about 6 months… I know that doesn’t sound too amazing to most, but Fayth is Downs and she is a bit slower cognitively. In many respects, it was a normal day, but for Fayth, Mommy and Daddy, it was a WOW day in the making for months now. We just got to see the fruit of the WOW on Sunday.

  2. I enjoy reading about your daily journeys. You’re truly inspiring. God Bless you and keep you both safe. We’re all praying for you. Love, Diana

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