Glenda’s Glimpses On the Road #1

Glenda’s Glimpses On the Road  #1


And some of you thought I wouldn’t have anything to do – little did you (or I) know.  Let me tell you what I’m doing right now.  I am cooking dinner on the side of the road and I decided to bake chicken and potatoes.  Well, we have an overactive smoke alarm so as it is baking, I have to take a dish towel every few seconds, or sometimes a couple of minutes, and wave it right under the alarm.  Is it smoky in here?   No.  I think the alarm has ears – it hears the sizzle and thinks there might be smoke.  So I have windows, doors open and that seemed to be an invitation for a bee to come in.


Bored?  Not on your life.  Challenged?  Well, maybe.  Helps to laugh, or chuckle, or maybe just smile.  There have been a few not so funny, novice RV’ers moments.  Coming into campgrounds to do hookups late adds to that.  It is amazing how many times The Lord provides someone to help us learn the ropes.  Hopefully we will get it down soon so our bedtime gets earlier – a must for Jim.  You need some down and rest time if you are going to walk 9-10 hours a day.


For the most part, I get my 10,000 steps but it takes some planning.  This morning, as I leap frogged Jim (I pass him, he passes me), I parked ahead of him a ways, walk to him, then turn around and walk with him, past the RV, back to the RV, then repeat several times.  How exciting can it get!


Pretty soon I’m going to have to take off again because that orange dot (Jim’s wonderful jacket) is getting awfully small.  So time to close up, turn off the oven, take the pan out of the oven and put it on a hot pad on the floor and leap that prince of mine.  (You know – the outcome of a kissed frog.)


(Actually, there are more exciting things to tell.  And by the way, the alarm stopped going off.)


Now, where was that fly swatter?  Really!!

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  1. Hi Glenda and Jim!
    Love and prayers lifting you both up and wishes for good weather, health and well being. Doni has a few suggestions for blister care, in case you haven’t tried them already….. These are tricks from his experience through all the years of his Track/Cross Country coaching….
    **Mole skin-Vaseline on blister and mole skin over both.
    **Put Vaseline on blister while you sleep.
    ** Blisters are from friction and Vaseline over the skin stops the friction and keeps skin pliable
    **Second Skin over an open blister
    **Two pairs of socks help sometimes as well as rotating shoes unless you find a pair that works especially we then stay with them.
    Love and Hugs!!
    Becky and Doni
    We are praying for your healthy feet too!:)

    • Thanks. We’ll try those. Blisters are diminishing, but always lurking.

    • Hi Glenda and Pastor Jim,

      Your trials and tribulations with the smoke detector brought back memories of our trailer. When cooking you have to take down the smoke detector (twist it off of its mounting) and put it back in the sleeping area or the bathroom in a place where you will remember to replace it after cooking and eating. These detectors are really sensitive to cooking that even the toaster will sometimes trigger them. Hope you both are well and that Jim’s feet are doing well.
      Bob and Pat

  2. When do you think you will get to Parker?

  3. Wow! I never new you had WRITING in your bag of gifts too! I truly enjoyed this last post from you….smoke alarms and bees aside, of course. Thanks for these little sharings of you and the orange dot. Love to you both.

  4. Love the Glenda glimpses keep it going

  5. I really enjoyed hearing about your adventures, Glenda! I’m remembering our first camping experience in our new trailer, on the road with the LaMont’s. I definitely can sympathize with you! We didn’t know anything either, but you learn as you go.
    Everyone here is so excited for you guys, are in awe of what you are both doing, and are so excited to hear all about how the Lord provides and teaches and draws people to Himself.
    As I always tell Jim, Keep on truckin’!

    “May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us.” Psalm 67:1

  6. Hi! I am enjoying your emails so much! I’m not much of a responder, but keep them coming. (That doesn’t sound fair, does it?). God bless -both of you- your every step. So excited for all God has for you in building his kingdom in homes. Happy feet to you!!!! Mary Jo

    Sent from Mary Jo’s Phone

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement. It was good to hear from you. God is certainly bringing a variety. I had a wonderful visit with a wife and her three daughters after Jim started walking this morning and before I had taken off. We had talked with the husband last night as he was feeding the goats. Delightful family!

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