How to Handle Surprises That Aren’t Blessings…Yet!


We’re in week #3 of the Walk Across America and like the walk of life, it has been filled with surprises.

Do you like surprises?  I hope so, because your walk through life will be filled with them like our “walk” has been.  Some are blessings, and some are not.  At least at the time.

APRIL 1, 2013 –First Day of the Walk  (Immediate blessings)

Surprise #1 – It was raining (a light drizzle, but wet.)   In spite of the rain, 90 excited (and wet) people showed up for the launch of the walk.  For the prayer at 6:00 and the “Let’s go” at 6:02 am.  What a blessing.

Surprise #2 – A video team from the Billy Graham Association was present to film the walk.  A true blessing.   You can access the video by going to our walk website,

Surprise #3 – On our walk to the mall, a man stopped me, encouraged me on the walk, and handed me a gift that we passed on to the first family we visited.  Awesome!

Surprise #4 – Our first visit in a home was with a family 23 miles into the walk.  Richard and Sonia and their four children were fantastic.   They were a true example of how Jesus in a home can change lives.

APRIL 2 – 15, 2013 – First Two Weeks of the Walk

We’ve had so many surprises.  Some come from planned visits, but many from “divine appointments.”  However, some surprises were not welcome.  Things like strong winds with gusts up to 50+ mph, strong enough to nearly rip the door on the RV.  Things like blisters.  Things like the Mojave Desert.  Here’s what  I try to do with those surprises that are definitely not immediate blessings.

#1 TRUST.  Trust God to provide help in some way.  Trust Him to show you blessings that can come from anything.

#2 TIME.  Give God time to work.  Some “surprises” might have a blessing come out of it, but it may take a very long time.  I’ve had some that took years.   I cling to Romans 8:28 which says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  The “in all things God works for the good…”  has been a foundation of my life.

One example from our “walk” was on Monday, April 8.  We had tremendous winds as we worked our way through Cabazon, California up highway 62 to Yucca Valley.  One wind gust nearly ripped the door off the cabin of the RV.  I was thrown to the ground by the force of the wind as Glenda and I tried to hold the door.  Fortunately, our Lead Pastor, Ken LaMont was with us that day and used his great strength to push the door back.  It was damaged, but Ken got tools from his dad who came with his mom to our aid.  (They also brought food.)   The door isn’t perfect, but it works.  A “bad surprise” turned into a blessing and a memory we won’t forget. We trusted God and took the time to “make things right.”

How about your walk?  Write me and let me know if TRUST & TIME have worked for you.  If they haven’t helped, let me know what has.   I pray that we all find help to turn difficult surprises into blessings as we “walk” through life.

Jim/ Walking with Jim

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