Glenda’s Glimpses #3

I don’t know if everyone would have noticed what I saw at the goat farm we stumbled across in the desert, but maybe it’s my mother’s heart.  As the nanny goats finished their food, one by one they would start bleating, calling and then they would look around.  What was she doing?  She was calling her kid, her baby.  She would keep bleating, looking from right to left, until finally a little one would come running.  And she wouldn’t take just anyone.  In fact, one mommy had died and the farmer was trying to get another nanny to take on a foster kid.  She was not totally cooperative.  You see, there was a natural pull between mommy and baby.

In nature, we have various things that draw, whether it’s the North Pole, gravity, electromagnetic force or mamas and their young.  It is what pulls nature to a certain point.  People also determine their own pulls, whether targets, goals, to-do lists or relationships.

Right now we have a draw that is pulling us.  It is Times Square New York.  As we travel across America, Jim on foot, with me driving a very few miles a day,  We have our sites on Times Square.  We don’t know what is ahead of us from here to there, even as we plan and plot steps to our goal.

Amidst all of this, there is a higher goal, or setting of my heart.  It is in seeking the face of my Lord.  Notice I said setting my heart.  I didn’t say that today I am going to seek His face.  Those days come and go, up and down.  I said, setting my heart.  It’s a spiritual compass.  It’s making His face the “North Pole” of my spirit, the default setting of my heart.  It’s not making it an event, it’s making seeking Him the direction of my life.  It’s placing that above and before all else in life.  The Psalmist talked about it:

Look to The Lord and his strength; seek his face always.  Psalm 105:4

The prophet Isaiah directed it:

Seek The Lord while he may be found….  Isaiah 55:6

The prophet Jeremiah reports the Lord’s promise to the Israelites and since we have been grafted into that family, we can also claim that promise:

You will seek me and find when you seek me with all your heart.  I will be found  by you, declares The Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity.”                    Jeremiah 29:13-14

And most important, Jesus told us to, with a big promised attached:

Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to  you as well.  Matthew 6:33

Won’t you join me in setting your heart on seeking Him?

More Scriptures:

Psalm 27:8; Deuteronomy 4:29; I Chronicles 16:11; Psalm 9:10; Psalm 34:10; Hebrews 11:6


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