Glenda’s Glimpses on the Road #4

Glenda’s Glimpses on the Road #4

May 7, 2013

We have to apologize to our kids.  Hopefully they have not been worried about us.  We are okay.  Of course, by the time we can get this message to them, they will already know we are okay.  You see, we are on the high plains of New Mexico.  I mean high – 7000+ feet.  It makes for cooler weather.  We actually got to see some elk this morning.  But elk can’t help us get word to the outside world.

Last night we stayed in Red Hill, New Mexico, population – 1.  That wasn’t a typo.  There is one gentleman who lives there.  We had actually met him in Vernon, Arizona, at Midvale Station Market a few days earlier.  We didn’t know where we were going to stay last night.  This gentleman was talking to neighbors who live in the “suburbs” of Red Hill.  However, there are more that live out there – maybe 15, 20, I don’t know.  They didn’t tell us.  They did give us some good insight into the area and we had a nice chat.  Anyway, our gentleman friend said we could stay in his yard.

Now you know why we weren’t able to be reached.  No service.  Not even Verizon (which we don’t have) so we have been without service for two days.  But there is hope.  Just up the road about 8 ½ miles is Quemado, a town of 1500.  We hear that they have some service –  I believe even a café and RV park.  Oh, I better get to driving to catch up with Jim – he is maybe 7 ½ miles from town.

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  1. Good to hear from you and that things are going well. We have been gone for about three weeks and have been traveling ourselves. God Bless & Give Jim a big HUG
    All our Love and Blessings
    Larry and Linda Branton

  2. Well, Glenda and Jim, you have arrived!!! You have lived long enough to become a worry to your children. Love you both. Judy L

  3. Glenda and Jim, I lived in New Mexico for 2 years while in the US Air Force stationed in Clovis which is on the eastern border at Cannon AFB. I have fond memories of living there on the high plateau and the blowing sagebrush. Will you remai on Route 60 which takes you thru Clovis?? Love reading your observations!

    Greetings and Love to you both in your journey,


  4. I just listened to the interview with Jim on KLove! Very nice. I pray the Lord continue to guide, guard, and direct you as you reflect and honor HIM!

  5. And so it is with our relationship to God – even when He feels far away, we are always in His heart.

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