Glenda’s Glimpses #5 – New Mexico Drivers

I have called it “pack thinking” before.  It’s when a whole community will have the same idea, come to the same conclusion at the same time.  I have seen it in church attendance – many of those who attend sporadically will decide on the same Sunday “let’s go to church today.”  Now, the reverse happens – “let’s stay home today” or “let’s go to the beach today.”  You get the idea.

I’m not sure what happens, but there seems to be some of that thinking that happens along the road.  It’s like everyone in an area decides, without conferring with one another, to do things a certain way.  It’s like communities have personalities.  I know I have heard teachers talk about certain classes having a personality.  Such as the class of ‘97 was a studious class, the class of ‘99 was a rowdy class, etc.

What does that have to do with the road?  We are traveling on a divided highway.  Jim is able to walk facing traffic because my side is near enough to his side.  Here’s the pack thinking.  The drivers, almost without exception, drive way around me.  They generally move into the left hand lane as I sit in the RV on the side.  I notice they do that for Jim, too.   Don’t know if they were taught that here or that is just the heart of the people.  No matter what, I thank God for them.  Hats off to you drivers in New Mexico.

Oops!  Exception – what was that last license plate?  (Probably not from New Mexico.)

Glimpses from Glenda

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  1. Love to hear from you and looking forward to seeing you both on May 26th

    Until Then……God’s Blessings
    Linda Branton

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