Got a Rock in Your Shoe?

One day last week, while walking across America in the 7,000 and 8,000 foot elevations of mountains in New Mexico, I got a rock in my shoe.  Actually, I had about 30 rocks in my shoe that day since gravel was all over the shoulder of the roads at this elevation.  (Left from snow days.)

After taking out rock after rock, I played a game.  I decided not to take the next rock out of my shoe.  I tried options like the following:

“Ignoring” game – I’ll pretend it’s not there.   Didn’t work.

“Diversion” game – I tried singing.  Bad idea.  First song was “Rock of Ages.”

“Wiggle my foot so rock is not felt” game – Didn’t work…I felt it everywhere.

“Just tough it out” game – Didn’t work.  Rock grew and pain intensified.

“Think of other things” game – All I could see were rocks…was walking on gravel.

GAME OVER!!  So I did the obvious.  I took the rock out, just like the other 30 rocks.

Now, it’s a no brainer for us that when we get a rock in our shoe, we take it out.  Even small rocks become a nuisance.  Well, if we are so smart in handling little rocks in our shoes, why don’t we use the same good thinking and take out the “little rocks” of life that get in our walk of life.

What “little rocks?”

Bitterness… from something hurtful said to us.

Eating too much…as a habit and increasing our weight.

Spending more money than we make…becoming financially irresponsible.

Staying up too late… getting too little sleep.

Since we’re smart enough to sit down and take the rock out of our shoe, let’s show the same brilliance in our daily lives and take action to get the “little rocks” out of our walk through life.

Why don’t we use the same brilliance with life’s “little rocks?”

  1. Takes time.
  2. Tried it before and failed.
  3. Too proud to ask for help.
  4. Too hard.

Yes.  It will take more time and will be hard, but help is available.  Let’s drop our pride and ask a friend to help.  If a professional is needed, seek that help, too.

Why?  Because it’s worth it.  I learned that while I was walking across America with a rock in my shoe.  I was missing the beauty of the mountains in New Mexico where I was walking.  I was so focused on the little rock, I did not see the beauty all around me.  Once the rock was out, WOW!  What a beautiful place.  New Mexico mountains are so awesome.

So, start enjoying life that’s around you.  Your family.  Your friends.  Your work.  Your life.

We deserve to enjoy our lives, so let’s sit down together and begin getting those “little rocks” out of our lives and enjoy the life God has given us.  It’s definitely worth the time and effort.

Happy walking through life with the “little rocks” out.

Jim / Walking Across America

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10 replies

  1. Hi Pastor Jim, Thanks for sharing this! It is brilliant! I am printing this to share with my family and others. God is amazing! Grateful He has given you His words of wisdom to go along with your “gravel” experience, and many other experiences along the way. Blessings in abundance,Patti <//< Date: Sun, 19 May 2013 15:37:57 +0000 To:

  2. Love your observations, commentaries and lessons along the road. Thanks for sharing. Jane (Hemet)  

  3. Jim, you are awesome. Only you could turn a rock in your shoe into a thought provoking sermon!

  4. Book material, right? I want the first signed copy…after all the kids, of course!!! Stay blessed as you continue to bless us. Big hug!

  5. Great analogy dad!!!! I remember a time when I was on a sniper range in the service qualifying. At 100 yards, I was off over 6 inches from my prior days shoot…I made adjustments, but didn’t fix the problem. At 300 yards I was off over a foot now from my zero’d figures. I loves back to the 1000 yard line and I could not even get on the 6′ x 6′ Target. At jeapordy of failing my qual, my instructor asked, did you take your weapon apart yesterday after your stalk exercise. I said i cleaned it, but didn’t take it apart. He instructed me to come off the line and take it apart. I pulled the upper off of the stock and found a small pebble lodged under the pillar bedding of my M24….the instructor said, see, if you would have done what you were supposed to do, the problem would not have been there….what could have been a small situation turned into a bigger one because it wasn’t dealt with and as you got further from your Target, the problem got worse…..such it is in life, deal with it early and it will not be as a big problem as it would be if you “adjust” and ignore….thanks for the reminder dad….

  6. Hi Jim,
    We met at Sun City West Christian Church in Arizona a few weeks back. I’d like to share your observations on “rocks” via our church newsletter, if that’s ok. I’ve been encouraging the congregation to follow your journey. So many of our members see the same problems you are encountering in the homes of their children and grandchildren. If even half the homes you visit are changed, your efforts will be worth a few rocks in your shoes. God bless you and keep you safe.

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