Glenda’s Glimpses #6 – Sorry, Cows

I wrote this as we traveled across New Mexico:

ImageMy apologies to the herd of cattle behind me.  I backed into a small road that shortly led up to a fence.  I was sitting in the driver’s seat, minding my own business.  I was doing my Bible reading when I heard mooing.   Then I heard more, and pretty soon, a lot of insistent bellowing.  I got out of the motor home to see what was going on.  I was greeted by a small herd of cattle at the fence with more cows running across the field to “join up.”   Oh, now this is where my farm background comes in.  My dad had a few head of cattle.  I realized that they thought I was going to feed them.

I was giving them my apologies when they all turned their heads – towards Jim who had just walked up.  Maybe they thought Jim was delivering the hay to them.  But no, he was just counting them.  Also, he always has to check to see if there is a bull.  He had just told me over the walkie talkie that he saw that they did have a big bull.  You see, Jim has a thing about finding big bulls.  That’s the reason he likes county or state fairs – so he can find a big bull.  Hereford, Red or Black Angus, Jersey, Guernsey, Holstein – it doesn’t matter.   AS a matter of fact, before he arrived, I saw one of the heads in the herd was much broader, not so curvy.  So I knew he was right – there was a big, Black Angus bull.

Now I don’t think we’ll be able to find a home to visit today, unless you want to count the cows.  There is not one community out here and we saw only one ranch a ways off the road.  You can see “a ways” out here.

Can you tell we’re living a slow pace?  It’s a good time to just be with the Lord.  How about you, are you slowing down to spend time with Him?  I would encourage you to do it – you will be blessed.  And the cows, you see, they gave up on me.

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  1. The cattle remind me so much of my home in Colorado. We had mostly herefords with a few others sprinkled in. Annabelle was a Holstein, Cookie a Black Angus, and Daisy the Guernsey. We had one bull, Ferdinand, who for a bull was quite gentle. He didn’t sit and smell the flowers like the Disney Ferdinand, but he did allow us to have nose riding contests to see who could stay on his nose the longest. Many of the steers provided our freezer with meat, but we never gave them names.

    You are in my prayers daily, usually a few times a day. God bless you with safety, health, and many happy memories of this amazing walk.


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