Walking….Down Memory Lane

My wife, Glenda, recently wrote a Glenda’s Glimpses, “Sorry Cows,” and mentioned that I like finding big bulls.  Well, it’s true, and walking across New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma has given me the joy of finding a few big bulls.  Exciting!!  Well, it’s been exciting for me at least.  Why?  I’ll be glad to tell you.

It has brought back some very, very fond memories of my childhood growing up on the farm.  Some of these memories involve a very special person in my life, my Granddad Buckley.  We lived nearby, and I “helped him” on the farm.  Sometimes I helped him with the calves.  Sometimes he even took me to an auction to buy calves.

Calves of all sizes were brought into the arena.  Once in a while, a huge “calf” would come in.  Wow!  There were oohs and ahs as this “calf” with a ring through his nose was pulled into the arena on a rope.  This was a bull…a big bull, with bulging muscles and power written all over him.  I could tell he was the biggest and best…THE “boss.”

Ever since then, I have been to many fairs and enjoyed finding the “boss.”  Some are bigger than others, and if I’m lucky I just might find one with a ring in his nose.  I know then I have found the “boss.”

It’s just one memory that walking across America has sparked.  I see grain fields in Texas.  I see new John Deere combines and praying that maybe crossing Oklahoma or Missouri I might have the thrill of driving a combine again.  (It’s been nearly 50 years).   Many of the memories take me back to family, especially my Granddad Buckley, a man committed to his faith, his family, his church, hard work, laughter, and to this grandson, Jimmy.  I just pray I’m at least a portion of the Granddad to my grandchildren that he was to me.  If so, they will be blessed, and that’s one desire I have…to bless my grandchildren with great memories just as I was blessed by a special man in my life.

Take some time to reflect on memories you have that are blessings and share them with me.  I’d love to hear from you as I walk across America.

Even better, take some time to be a blessing to someone in your life and build a memory for her or him.

Jim/Walking…Down Memory Lane

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  1. I do wish you were going through southeastern South Dakota. I very likely could set you up with a combine drive. So enjoy your blogs, they are a true blessing. Thank you. May God continue to shine on, and bless, you and Glenda.

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