Jim’s Feet Tell All

Well, it’s time for another blog, but there is no way Jim is going to be able to put one together after walking 26 miles today.  He’s exhausted, so we thought we’d help him out.  (We do it every day, anyway.  This walk would not be possible without us.)

Let me introduce us.  I’m right foot  or “R”  and he’s left foot or “L”. We are Jim’s feet.  I’ll be doing the writing because I’m always “right.”  L hates it when we have an argument, and I say “I’m right.”  Well, I am.  I was born right.  Now let me bring you up on the walk.

Yes.  We are tired, but it doesn’t matter because we are on a mission.  Destination is New York City, but the purpose is people.  Jim stops all the time and talks to people on the walk.  We hear him talking about how important the home is and how vital it is to have Jesus in the home.  He gives them a card with the website on it and off we go.  We walk a lot.

After the first day and walking 26 miles, L and I were shocked the next morning, when Jim put shoes on us and we started walking.  We tried to complain.  “Hey.  I thought we walked enough yesterday for several days.  Nobody walks this much.  Help, somebody.  Talk some sense into this guy.  He’s lost it.”

But, he paid no attention to us.  Something about commitment…obedience to God’s call.  He even brought to mind that Jesus said to “take up your cross DAILY…”  Ouch.  We didn’t like that.  That means EVERYDAY.  Why were we stuck with a guy who thinks a “daily walk” is every day.  I don’t think all Christians think that way.  L thinks maybe they should, but we agreed that they don’t.  Jim does.  So we walk Monday through Saturday.  We LOOOOOVE Sundays because we “rest” that day.  But then on Monday off we go.  Another 25 miles.

Speaking of LOVE, we have several loves.

We love Jim’s choice of shoes.  Brooks Glycerin 10 which is a “high end” shoe.  He thought we deserved the best.  Thank you, Jim, for that decision.  We have worn out 5 pair of shoes (they last about 300-400 miles.)  We are currently working on three pair as Jim rotates them through the day.  Plus, we have 5 untouched pairs in the RV to take us to New York.

We love Glenda soooooooooooo much as she massages us every lunch time and every night.  It’s so wonderful.

We love the LIFT kids who raised $3,000 to pay for Jim’s shoes.

We love Jim’s tender care daily of us.  He puts KT tape on us every morning and uses whatever is needed to tend to blisters, tweaked ankles and tired feet.  He soaks us in ice every night (sometimes at noon).  Ice is so nice.

We love being prayed for.  Jim has asked Glenda to have people pray for us.  It works.  We get tired, but are getting stronger.  Thanks!

We love Jim’s taking us to a podiatrist on Sunday.  The good news was of the 28 bones in me, only 4 were slightly out.  The podiatrist put them back in place and he said I was good for to get to New York.

Well, it’s bedtime and we must sleep.

Thanks for listening to Jim’s feet.  Make sure you listen to yours.  You’ll be glad you did.  Maybe they’ll take you places God wants you to go.  Maybe even New York or across the street.

Let us know how you treat your feet. L and I would love to hear from you.

Jim’s Feet…taking Jim all the way to New York City to obey God’s call to walk across America

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  1. Jim and Glenda,
    Because of you I am attending the Oregon Christian Convention. It will be a great week. A lot of folks hete are praying for you.
    We at TCM are praying for you daily.
    Blessings in Jesus,

  2. Hi Jim and Glenda, We hadn’t heard from you in awhile and got concerned. Glad to hear you are still going strong….your feet too. Lee and I are back from Israel. Trip was far beyond our expectations. Took over 400 photos…still not sorted to not ready for “primetime” yet. My 95 yr. old Dad slipped into a coma while we were there. He went to be with the Lord the day after we got home. I drove immediately to my sister’s house in LaQuinta upon our return and got to be with him until he took his last breathe. The funeral was held in Ohio the following weekend then we flew to Atlanta to be with our oldest son, his new wife, and their 4 girls. So we are traveling across the country also, but not on our feet:) We went to Chowchilla to be with Kyle, now 26 months old and a buddle of energy. Hard to believe he once weighed just under 3 lbs.!! God is so Good. We love you guys and continue to pray for you. Diana and Lee

    • It was so good to see you and be able to chat with you a few minutes. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I’m sure you are glad you got back in time to see your dad before he left this life. You have certainly been busy since then – such a blessing to be able to see family. I know we were truly blessed. I apologize for not getting back to you. I had not seen this post. Thank you so much for the prayers. They mean the world to us. Love, Glenda (and Jim)

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