Glenda’s Glimpses #7: Joey

photo (5)God’s timing is amazing!  We didn’t know Joey and Joey didn’t know us.  But God knew all of us. We had been trying to find a place to get our oil changed for over three weeks but the timing never seemed to work.  Finally, we were able to get close to Bartlesville, a town in Oklahoma, where Jim could walk through and I could maybe get it done.  We had been interviewed for a local paper the town before.  Kathy, the delightful interviewer, was able to recommend a place to take the motor home for the oil change.  She said to talk to Joey and tell him that she had sent us.

“As it turned out,” * because our motor has a regular vehicle motor, Joey said they could do it and they were between customers and could do it right then.  I would have just enough time to go across the street to the grocery store where they had Jim’s favorite – hummus.  As I said, God’s timing is amazing!

I have driven down many dirt side roads and parked on many dirt and gravel turnouts.  Jim told Joey that he is walking across America and with all the dirt, he thought it would be good to clean up the oil.  Jim had walked 1500 miles at that time but the RV had gone 3500.

That was business talk, but God wanted us to talk “His business.”  Joey asked why Jim is walking and so we told him.  Then Joey nodded his head about Jesus being in the home.  He said things have changed for him.  He was raised in the church then at age 13, something happened that soured him on the church.  He believed in God but wasn’t ready to be a part of the Family.

But things have changed.  During those years there was a man, dad of a good friend of his, who stayed close to him.  He was a man of God.  Through this man’s influence, Joey started turning toward the Lord and his wife came to know the Lord.  They were coming back into the church and things were good.  We invited him to become a Champion for the Home and he said he would.

However, just recently this man, Bart, discovered that he had cancer and was given a year to live.  Bart’s daughter-in-law was pregnant and they found a lump on the side of her neck.  It was Hodgkin Disease.  Bart said he would give up his life if she could have life.

On a Friday, Joey called Bart, who was his air conditioning man to tell him that his AC was out.  Bart said he would send his son out on Monday.

Monday came and Bart got sick.  Tuesday morning came and Bart passed away. It was 38 days after diagnosis.  His daughter-in-law was checked and her cancer has gone.  On Tuesday, Joey’s air conditioning started working on its own.  We said maybe God allowed Bart to do just one more job before he left.

Pray for Joey, his wife and 2 ½ – year- old daughter as they carry on.  It is a very tender time for them but God cares and He is there.  God’s timing is amazing!

*Ruth 2:3

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17 replies

  1. God’s amazing grace and timing! 🙂

  2. Indeed, God does work in wonderful and mysterious ways. An honor to add Joey and his family to my prayer list. Stay Safe!!

  3. What amazing stories and people you are meeting. It is exciting to hear how God is working, bringing people across your path. Rick and I call those Holy Coincidences. You are in our prayers daily. God bless your footsteps and your miles of driving.

    • We never know from day to day what it will bring. It is amazing the timing and “Holy Coincidences” we have. A delay or change in plans can position us just right to meet someone we wouldn’t have otherwise.

  4. We do serve an awesome God, You amaze me with driving the RV, some thing I never wanted or needed to do. God has blessed you, love and miss you, Louise

    • I never thought I would either, but I keep learning. I’m glad it’s not larger because it would be hard to get into some of the little turnouts and also the country road driveways I have to turn around in. And you are absolutely right – God is truly amazing.

  5. God has and is leading you both on a very special path. This is his path, he has placed very special people and their families there for you to meet, listen to, and minister to. Larry and I are praying for your safe journey. You guys are such a wonderful inspiration to all Christians as to doing God’s will.
    All our Love and many Blessings
    Larry & Linda

  6. All the Joey’s on your journey will never forget you! How often does someone meet a man of God walking for his God? Very rare! We have the blessing of knowing you, they have the blessing of experiencing you! Awesome!

  7. Linda & Jim – God Bless you both! I pray daily for God to put people in your path to witness to. Tons & tons! America sooooooooooooooo needs an awakening..The exposure you are getting via people you meet is amazing. God is touching their and your lives. AND you are touching our lives with your stories. When you get to Penna. and if you come any where near Montrose, I have a guest room waiting for you. I live on Forest Lake with my 95 yr. old mom. I use to attend NPFCC when I stayed with my son in Newbury Pk. He has since moved to LaGuna. so I may not have the pleasure of seeing you all again 😦 So happy I did get to meet you while I was there!

    • So good to hear from you. That sounds wonderful, but I looked on the map and we won’t be going up that far north. It would be so good to see you. Maybe you will get to come back to Newbury Park for a visit. It was good to have you there, in the studies and prayer times. May the Lord bless you and your family.

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