Is What You See REALLY What You See?

Have you ever “seen” something that wasn’t really what you thought you saw?

I’ve done that many times.

One time I sat in my office when I saw a dog in the field adjacent to our church.  It looked like the dog was just lying on the ground.  It did move from time to time, but just stayed in the one spot.  I tried to study, but as a dog lover, I couldn’t stop thinking about that poor dog. Maybe he needed help.  After a few minutes, I went outside to check on the dog only to be surprised when I got closer that it was a brown plastic bag.  PERCEPTION!  What you see is not always what you see.  MISPERCEPTION!!

It was done to me twice last week.

A Missouri state trooper stopped and asked Glenda “is everything  ok?”  He told her he did so because someone reported  that they had seen an “elderly” man walking away from a stranded RV.

Wrong twice?  No stranded RV, and we’re still looking for that “elderly” man.

Later this week, Glenda was approached in our RV on the roadside as I was walking away.  This time it was a woman who wanted to know if that woman walking on the road was with her and if she were blind.  HUMPH!  Enough is enough.  MISPERCEPTION!  What you see is not always what you see.

Seeing me as blind was somewhat understandable as I did have on 1) dark glasses  and  2) using only one walking stick (not white, however)  and  3) I was walking back and forth across the road filming with the Go-Pro Camera from the Billy Graham Association video team.  BUT, a woman?  Only thing we could figure was my “baggy shirt” that I wear might have looked like a blouse.

Two fascinating stories about “misperception,” a word that is ironically at the heart of our walk across America.  We want Jesus to live in every heart and home in America.  However, sometimes people hide behind a “Christian veneer.”  In that case the truth is not what you see.

Mike Harris, husband, father and leader of Trinity River Band, a great bluegrass band from Florida, made a shocking, but true statement at the beginning of a concert recently in a church in Winona, Missouri.  He said after the band’s first number that what you see here is not what you see.  He went on to say that you see a nice family of five that looks perfect, having never had a problem.   He closed the thought by saying that the truth is that they are a miracle family saved years ago from brokenness that was coming through a pending divorce.

WOW!!  I was stunned, but blessed by his honesty.  I shared with him how Glenda and I are walking across America trying to get Jesus to live in every heart and home.  With Jesus living in our homes, we can face issues, being truthful with Him, seeking hope and help from Him daily.  I could tell from our very personal and honest conversation that Jesus lives in their home.  Awesome!!

Our prayer as we walk across America is to get Jesus in every home to live with us “behind closed doors” and to get Satan out of our lives where he does the most damage- in our homes!  It’s time to invite Jesus in our lives and homes so “what people see is what people see.”  Every home struggles, but homes with Jesus don’t have to hide the struggles.  They can victoriously talk and listen to Jesus, becoming more like Him daily.  Becoming selfless like Jesus will change every home.  Becoming more serving like Jesus will change every home.  There are more “becoming likes” that continue to change our lives and homes.

Jesus living in our lives and homes will show the world the incredible blessings that come from having Jesus #1 in our lives.  The Harris home and family showed that to us.  I pray that all of our homes and families show that as well.  As that happens, I am praying for a home-initiated revival to sweep across America.  That’s our prayer and the purpose of His walk across America.

Thank you for “walking with us” across America, inviting Jesus to live in our homes daily.  As we walk with Him, I’m excited that this “walk” will be planting seeds in our very homes for the revival we so desperately need in our great country.

Jim / Walking with Jesus

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