Glenda’s Glimpses, #8 – Crash! Bang!

I couldn’t figure it out.  You can’t see out the back with a rear view mirror in a motor home.  You have to use the side mirrors.  So why did they put rear view mirrors in them?  Aha, I figured it out.  As I drive down the road, even when I have done my best to “batten down the hatches,” so to speak, things start happening.  A little bump in the road and I hear crash!  Then a turn in the road and I hear bang!  So what do I do?  I look in my rear view to see what I missed, what I failed to secure.  Did it break?  Did something spill?  Did I forget to click the refrigerator?  Oh, no, yogurt all over the floor that even splashes on the walls.  Whew!  This time it was just a plastic bottle with a tight lid.  So what if the broom slides across the floor?  Gallon jug of water that gushed out wasn’t good, but after mopping it up, it didn’t take long to dry in this heat.  Ok, veteran RV’ers, I’m learning and doing my best – double check.  And you have to laugh a little.  It’s just the sounds of the road.  Praise God for rear view mirrors!

What about our lives?  Sometimes we look back in our “rear view mirrors” and there are some bangs and crashes.  Do we just say, “Oh, well”?  Or do we listen to James and do something about it.  Do we bring our broken lives to Jesus so that He can mend and then listen to Him about what to do next time?  He knows the best!  He is the best!

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  1. Glenda,
    When we travel with our travel trailer, we have a checklist for things like an unlatched fridge. Such a list could be hung on the steering wheel, so you would be sure to see it BEFORE starting out. Works for us!

  2. HI GLENDA SORRY COULDN’T HELP BUT laugh as It’s happened to us at least twice,ours was oj that fell out of the fridge. love and blessings Louise

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