Glenda’s Glimpses #10, From Tragedy to Triumph

Mitchel Family  A Job of today?  This husband and father said he identified with Job as he sat in his wheelchair – dynamic man of God, but what a story of tragedy and triumph.

When Greg was a year old, his father was killed in an auto accident.  When his brother was 12, he was hit by a car during a tornado and killed.  Greg accepted the Lord soon after that.  A few months later at age 14, Greg was in a motorcycle accident and was left paralyzed from the waist down.  Greg said that he wanted God to take him but he got the message that the Lord had things for him to do.

Greg has a sweet, lovely wife and a cute 13-year-old son, Caleb.  (Is that the age we switch to “handsome”?)  They had a good family.  Greg has retired but keeps very active, not letting anything slow him down.  He has done some building, serves in the church, takes kids to their events.  Did you catch that?  I said kids, plural.  That is more of the story.

In his sermon, Jim mentioned his mom dying when he was 10.  A cute 14-year-old in braces came up to him and said that both her mom and dad died.  That afternoon we went to the home of Greg and Melissa.  The 14-year-old, Greg’s niece, was there.  We heard the rest of the story.

When the niece, Megan, was five years old, she was riding in the car with her mom and they were in an accident.  Her mom was killed.  (Megan tells of seeing angels.)  Her dad was a calf roper on the rodeo scene.  Three years ago in August, he was in a calf roping accident at home and was killed.

Megan.  Where does she go?  She goes to live with and be raised by Greg and Melissa.  This turn of events is a jolt for a 13-year-old only child, Caleb.  He has to learn to share.  Not a good time.  Megan’s world is turned upside down – both mom and dad gone.  Greg and Melissa received her as their own.  Greg takes her to her competitions – barrel racing (as well as Caleb to basketball).

One of the things Greg said was that Megan has had a lot of tragedy and he wants to show her that there are good things, enjoyable things.  He works to do that such as taking the family on special vacations.

It’s  been hard to have a Job’s life, but Greg said that his faith in Jesus has gotten him through.  He has strengthened him and taught him to make the most of what he has – abilities, family.

Thankful?  How can you be?  How can you make it if you aren’t?  Maybe that is why the Apostle Paul said, “…give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”   To give thanks, you have to find the good, you have to look up.  It may be a challenge at times, but it puts the heart right side up.  Then you can feel thankful.

When I asked for permission to tell his story, Greg said that if he can do anything to help someone else, he is glad to do it.  Their story is one of hope, triumph over what the enemy has in mind.  The enemy seeks to destroy but through Jesus, we live and even live an abundant, vibrant life.

Pray for this family.  Pray for these new champions of the home.  Pray for the blending of this family.  How about you?  Receive Jesus into your heart, life and home.  Find reasons to give thanks.  If Greg and Melissa can, you can too.  Join them in the triumph that only Jesus can bring.


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  1. What an amazing story. What a beautiful family. Who cannot have hope after hearing this. Thank you for sharing.

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