What’s That?

Yesterday, in Bluefield, West Virginia, I was walking from the highway to a parking lot where Glenda was parked in the RV.  I was hungry and tired and looking forward to lunch and a nap before getting back to walking.

As I walked to the parking lot, I saw a building with big letters on a sign that looked like a W and a broader  W with an A.  Weird.  I also saw some satellite discs on top of the building and thought it might be a radio station.  I also, realized it was a W with two V’s and a A.  WVVA for West Virginia and Virginia.  Must be the name of a radio station.  But the sign had one item on it that I could not see very well, except I could see it had different colors on it.  It was small and in the bottom right hand corner.

Lunch and nap were good, and I headed back to the highway to walk.  As I did, I walked closer to the building and looked more closely at the sign.  I saw that the colored item had a peacock in it.  I called Glenda quickly and said, “Bring some brochures.  This is a local television station that is an NBC affiliate.”  I thought, as a light-hearted gesture, I’d take the station flyers and cards from the walk and tell them to pass the word along to stations in New York City that “we were coming.”

Glenda walked into the station with me and the quick visit turned into an hour delay.  What a delay.  A young reporter named Kayla interviewed us and filmed my walking, signed our special quilt, and spent special time with us.  What a blessed time we had with her.  She’s recently married and was thrilled at the reason behind our walk because she is also a Christian and wants Jesus living in their home.  Exciting!!

I resumed my walking with a bounce in my step because I had seen the sign more clearly and good things happened.  The report was aired this am and a truck driver told me he had seen it and knew I was religious.  So, he told me a Forrest Gump joke.   Fun!

Seeing the sign more clearly sometimes can make a lot of difference.  Are you seeing or missing signs?

I have a prayer that I often pray.  Lord, help me today to

SEE what You want me to SEE

HEAR what You want me to HEAR

So I can

DO what You want me to DO

To BE who You want me to BE.

Join me in praying that prayer and see and hear all that God wants us to see and hear today.  He has something for us to do and be and He will show us.  Are you ready?  I am.  I don’t want to miss anything.

Jim…Walking with Him Across America

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4 replies

  1. I just love what you are doing and accomplish !!! Prayers for you every day !! ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS !!!

  2. Hi Jim!!

    On 29 Aug. I will be again in India. Pray for me and my friends.

    Thank you.

    Lidia, Ro. TCMII 🙂

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