What Do You Do When Ideas Bounce in Your Head?

For the past several weeks an idea stemming from the walk across America has been bouncing around in my head.

What do you do when an idea bounces around in your head and won’t land?  I let it bounce until I am ready for it to land.  How do I “land it”?  I write.  When I write, two things usually happen.  First, I sometimes learn there is still too much bouncing so nothing I write makes sense.  Second, writing makes me clarify my thoughts in concise fashion with an idea emerging that is clear.  Now, I may not like the idea and throw it aside.  Or, I like it and try to develop it.

The bouncing has been about the “walk across America” having two distinct aspects.  Number one aspect is the MISSION which includes physical aspects of the walk answering questions like who, what, when, where and how.  People ask questions like “Who is walking and who is helping you?  “Where did you begin and where are you going?”  “How many miles do you walk each day?”  “How many shoes have you gone through?”  “Are YOU really walking across America?”  (Meaning…”An old guy like YOU is walking?” but this is not verbalized.)

The second aspect is the MESSAGE  answering the WHY of the walk.  “Why are you walking across America?”  That has been a more often asked question the further I have walked.  I love that question because I get to share my heart for the home, my faith in Jesus living in my home and what a difference Jesus has made in our home.  (Glenda shares the same…and as often as I do.)

For a while I thought the MESSAGE talk would eliminate the MISSION talk.  It hasn’t and I’m thinking it shouldn’t.  In fact, I am realizing that both are essential.  The MISSION opens the door to the MESSAGE, and I am beginning to believe THAT’S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!!  I’m also beginning to try to transfer these “walk across America” thoughts to my “daily walk with Jesus” which is my Christian faith.  Now, this last part is still bouncing, but a little clearer.

On the “walk across America” Glenda and I have shared our faith more in the last few months with strangers than in our entire lives.  Why?  Because our MISSION is so unique that it begs the question WHY and out flows the MESSAGE.  It is so natural!  People expect to know WHY even if they may not agree.  However, we are finding the majority agree that Jesus living in the home is just what the home needs.  Just what America needs.  Sometimes these “agreers” may not be church people or believers…yet.

Now, that last paragraph begs a question for me.  After the “walk across America” what MISSION will Glenda and I have that will open the door as quickly to the MESSAGE of Jesus?  I don’t know the answer to that yet, but if you have ideas, I’d like to hear them.  I’m getting some thoughts, but nothing that matches the magnitude of the “walk across America.”  I’m confident that Jesus has some MISSION for us, and we’ll be excited to hear what He has to say and follow and obey that MISSION.

Well, writing those thoughts in this blog has helped me get excited about what Jesus will show us to do to continue getting the MESSAGE out about how He wants to live in our hearts and homes.

Thanks for letting me share.  Now, thank you, in advance, for sharing your thoughts about a possible MISSION to expand the MESSAGE of Jesus for us and others.

Jim / Walking with Jesus Across America

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  1. Jim, you’re correct, the post walk portion is critical.I know Focus has a lot of family resources, but I don’t know of a clearinghouse of reputable family resources, arranged geographically. That would take some research, but maybe Focus could hire you to oversee that.

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