One Month to Go

Today is September 4.  On October 4 we will be in New York City to walk into Times Square.

Today we are in Washington, DC.

Glenda and I are with our son, Jared, who has flown in to walk through our nation’s capitol with us.   We also are with Pastor Ken Lamont, our lead pastor from Newbury Park who has also flown in to be with us while in DC.  It is so good to have them here.

Yesterday Glenda, Jared and Ken walked with me into Washington, DC, crossing the Potomac River on the beautiful Arlington Memorial Bridge.  We walked in through the Arlington National Cemetery and paused at a few memorable spots, remembering so many who have served or given their lives for our freedom.  It was a very humbling and touching walk through this special and historic place.

After crossing into Washington, DC, we stopped at the Lincoln Memorial.  What a sight.  What a leader.  Abraham Lincoln is also family, as he is a cousin in the Buckley family tree.  The Korean, Vietnam, and WW II Memorials were next.  We had more, many more, reflective moments remembering so many who gave their lives for our country and for our freedom.

We were joined later in the day by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Team that has been videoing our walk three previous times.  They joined us after we spent some time at the outside of the White House.

The Graham Team, Kevin, Tracy and Jeremy are great and filmed us at the White House, WW II Memorial, walking at various places, concluding at the Reflection Pool and Lincoln Memorial.  It was on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that we talked with two different families about the walk across America.  Those “visits” were awesome and the Graham Team are so good, filming but not interfering with what the Holy Spirit was doing as we talked about Jesus living in our homes…the purpose and message driving our walk across America.

We had dinner together at a Nando’s Restaurant, a unique South African restaurant.  Then we returned to our places for rest…and crashed.  A long, but fantastic day.

Today and tomorrow more filming around Washington, DC.

Then, on to New York City.  Exciting times for us as we make our way through metropolitan areas with the same life-changing message that Jesus wants to live in every heart and every home in America.

Now, we are leaving to begin a full day of filming and sharing the gospel of Jesus.

Thank you for praying with us and for us.  My feet love you, and I do, too.

Please share any memories you have from your travels through Washington, DC and the road to New York.  It would be fun to hear from you.

Jim…Walking with Jesus and today a few more frieinds

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6 replies

  1. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.

    I am excited to see how far you’ve gotten on this amazing journey, and more excited to hear the stories of the people you’ve encountered. I’m sorry we could not connect in KY, but I understand you needed the best way to cross to the east coast without mountains.

  2. Many years ago I was in Wash. DC on a Sunday. I found National City Christian Church and went in and sat down. About 15 minutes later, after most had been seated, there was a murmuring. I looked around, and here, coming down the middle aisle, was President Johnson and several others. They took their seats near the front of the sanctuary. I have been able to talk about that day, the day when President Johnson and I worshipped together!

  3. What a blessing for you to be able to walk into our nation’s capital and spend some time there and share God’s message. It is a pleasure praying for both of you. God bless the rest of your journey.

    • Thank you for your prayers. Yes. We were blessed to walk into Washington, DC, and share God’s message of Jesus living in our homes. People did listen. Many were excited and thankful for our sharing that message.

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