Getting Closer With Every Step, But…

We’re getting closer and closer to New York City Times Square, but WE’RE NOT THERE YET!!

It’s exciting to be so close, after having come so far (over 2,900 miles), but WE’RE NOT THERE YET!!

In fact, on the entire Walk Across America I have not focused on New York City.  I have focused only on one day at a time.

Why?  Because it was so far away (3,100 miles) when we left Newbury Park on April 1, that I believed it would discourage me.  So, Glenda and I focused on our daily assignments of walking 20-25 miles.  Did it work?  Well, today is the 162nd day of the Walk.  Best news is that we are still walking.  I guess we can say it is working.

Tonight we are camping in an RV camp near Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  It’s a really a nice camp with all the RV needs, plus a shower and a laundromat.  Fun stuff, huh?  Well, it is nice not to have to find one, which is often the case.  Glenda is so good about the difficulties of doing laundry and just does it.  Praise God for her spirit.  She’s a treasure.  Priceless (that means she’s worth more than money.)

What else does she do every day?  I remember some friends thought she might get bored on the Walk.   Hasn’t happened yet.  Instead, some days are overwhelming.  Well, she drives the RV.  She maps out the route and makes changes if road conditions (no shoulders) aren’t good for walking.  She cooks.  She does dishes…cleans and sweeps and cleans and sweeps the RV.  An endless job.  She communicates with prayer partners, family at home, takes pictures of me for Facebook, prays, does her Bible study, gets her 10,000 steps daily (even resorts to walking in circles at times).  She gives me electrolytes at breaks and rubs my feet before nap and before bedtime.  She survives on 6 hours sleep, but needs 7-7 1/2.  She keeps track of me all the time.  For safety sake.  She talks to people on the road and at stops about Jesus living in homes.   She’s amazing!!  Never been bored yet, and HAVING THE TIME OF HER LIFE!

This trip is easily the hardest task of our 45 years of marriage and ministry, but is proving to be one of the most exciting and rewarding.  Life seems to be that way.  The toughest of times become the most memorable and precious of times.

Edgar Mello said after being with us in Missouri for two days, “Jim, you could have never done this Walk without Glenda.”   He’s so right.  I would never have tried.  She’s priceless.

So, Glenda and I are getting excited as we sense the finish line.  (I think I can smell the Atlantic tonight.)  Actually, excited is an understatement.

In the midst of the excitement of getting closer and closer, we have the challenge to not lower our intensity.  We must continue our focus and concentration because traffic is now heavy and getting heavier.  More people.  Some big cities are tricky to find “safe spots” to walk.  We are only 3 days out of Washington, DC, and two days out of Baltimore.  Philadelphia is coming.  And more.

But, we press on because the big day of completing the Walk is set for October 4.  On that day our entire family of 25 will walk together into New York City Times Square.  That final step excites us both and drives us forward.  Thank you for continuing to pray for us daily as we walk daily and do the many other things necessary to “inch us closer” one step at a time, always remembering how you eat at elephant.  ONE BITE AT A TIME!!  How does one walk across America?  ONE STEP AT A TIME WITH A PRICELESS WIFE WHO KEEPS ON SERVING ONE DAY AT A TIME!!

Good night and God bless you as we get closer and closer, always remembering “WE’RE NOT THERE YET.”  May that serve as a daily reminder for all of us.  If we press on daily, the impossible becomes possible.  But, we must keep going all the way to the finish.

Please tell me your impossible dream and when you will begin to make it possible.

Jim…Walking with Jesus Across America…with a PRICELESS WIFE…A TRUE TREASURE!!!

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  1. Hi Jim and Glenda, I am so excited for you as you inch your way towards Times Square. I know the feeling of excitement of completing the journey. I have been there!! Truly God has blessed you with your witness and sharing the Word as you Walk across America. God Bless YOU.

  2. Hi Jim and Glenda! What an incredible inspiration you both are. We know very well how hard it is to live on the road for an extended time. We’ve also been following my daughter’s journey as she and her family sold their house and most all of their belongings in May and have been on the road with their 4 children in a restored 1950 Spartenette trailer to live the simple life while working, she is a photographer. It has brought them so close together as they need and depend on each other. They have been following your journey along their journey and they have encountered many Christian stories with each family they have come upon during their path. Such a beautiful journey we all get to grow from vicariously. God is good and the gifts keep coming every moment! You are two amazing vessels for The Lord. You are in my prayers daily for continued strength, endurance, health and motivation. In him, Becky Green

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    • What a beautiful testimony of how God works through different people, but brings so many of us together to accomplish His plan. It’s awesome to be a small part of what our Awesome God is doing. Thanks so much for your support and prayers. Walking with Jesus, Jim

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