The Homestretch

Someone said recently in a Facebook comment that we are in the “homestretch.”

I wouldn’t acknowledge that as true at the time because we were still hundreds of miles from New York City.  I would not allow myself to get ahead of myself, fearing that I would let down and not keep up the intensity required to press on toward our final goal of the walk.


The dictionary defines the “homestretch” as the “final part of a race” or “the last part of a project.”

This walk has been a race against time and weather.

It’s been against time as one dear friend said months before the walk, “Jim better go now as he’s not getting any younger.”  Even though that is true, I am feeling younger with each passing day.  Excitement will do that to me.

It’s been a race against weather.  We left the day after Easter believing we had six months of “better weather.”  We were trying to avoid cold and snow.  We’ve had some hot and humid weather, but God has favored us with favorable weather.  Rain, wind, and “severe weather watch” in Tornado Alley were included in the weather we experienced and survived.

However, this is the homestretch as it is the final part of a project.  It’s a project that Jesus has sent us on to bring hope to the homes of this great nation by letting people know that Jesus wants to live in every home.  We’ve done that and are still doing that.  Did it again this morning in a church in New Jersey.  We’ll keep doing that all the way to New York City and all the way home.  We’ll keep doing that when we return home to our ministry in Newbury Park.  We’ll keep doing that when we travel to teach in Europe and Central Asia.

Getting Jesus to be invited into every home in America and beyond is our mission!  We love it!  He does too.

Am I letting down now that we are on the homestretch?  Not one bit.

We returned from a quick three-day trip to California for my brother Larry’s funeral service (thank you for your prayers for us and his family) and are focused.  After not walking for a few days, my feet and legs were ready to walk and walk they did.  A few miles the first day, then two 20 mile days.  My feet, legs and entire body have been awesome. Yes.  There is some soreness and pain in resuming the walk, but we press on.  My entire being is focused.  We hear the sounds (lots of taxis) and see the lights of New York City.  We see the water of the Hudson River as we cross the George Washington Bridge into New York and walk the seven miles to Times Square.  We are excited.

Glenda and I are excited to say when Jesus called us to go, “we said YES and went.”  Yes.  I walked over 3,000 miles, but Glenda had the harder part and was superb in driving and directing the walk.  As I said in the last blog, I could not have done this without her.  We will raise our hands together at Times Square in a moment of humble victory and celebration.  We know Jesus will join us (along with our family and friends) in celebrating reaching the finish line.

Yes.  We are on the homestretch.  We’re focused and excited.

Thank you for your prayers.

Do one thing for me.  Tell me about how you are doing on your project or race.  Are you in the homestretch?  Are you ready for it?  How are you preventing “letting down?”  I’d love to hear from you.

Jim/Glenda…Walking/Driving with Jesus in the HOMESTRETCH

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4 replies

  1. Hi Jim–I was talking with Dennis Lamont about you this morning before church. I’ve followed your blogs/walks and been praying for you all the way. It’s hard to even imagine you walked over 3,000 miles in only 6 months—a feat most of us would never even think to do. God bless you and keep you energized and safe for this homestretch and the grand climax at Times Square. Will it be televised in the LA area? If so let us know when and what network.

    • So excited about your following the walk all the way. I don’t know about being televised, though one of the networks seems interested. We do know that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Team will be with us for the fifth time to video the final walk across the bridge and into Times Square.
      Blessings to you in Hemet. Jim and Glenda

  2. Just a little over a week………you are AWESOME!!!! Please remind us of your arrival date and time?? in Times Square. Continued prayers for safe travels for all.

  3. Hi Jim,   Congratulations for making it this far.  I have to admit that I had reservations about the possiblity of walking all the way to NYC but your resolve with the help of Glenda (and the Lord) have made this trip a reality.  Keep up the good walk for a few more days……to Times Square!   With love from Lee and Diana


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