A Memorable Moment

Memorable moments are…uh…well…MEMORABLE.  These are moments that one remembers, sometimes for life.  These moments are good and bad.  The good ones lift us and the bad ones sometimes need a lifetime of healing.  I want to focus on the good ones.  So, in this blog, I’ll refer to memorable moments as good.

Have you had a memorable moment lately?  I had one.

It was on Friday, October 4, around 4:00 pm at Times Square in New York City.  It’s a moment I’ll never forget.  It was the moment of completing a 17 state, 187 day, and 3131 mile WALK ACROSS AMERICA.  My wife, Glenda, and I walked onto the Father Duffy stairs area, hand in hand and raised our hands together in celebration.  The walk was over.  We were excited, fulfilled, relieved and honestly, speechless.

What made this moment so memorable?

Glenda was at Times Square celebrating with me.  That made the moment memorable.

Glenda and I made the walk across America together.  I walked.  She drove the RV and took care of everything.   What we ate, drank, plus where we stayed each night, where I walked every day.  She did it all…including laundry, shopping, emails, texts, etc.

Our entire family of five children and their spouses, along with our 13 grandchildren, were all there.

Sixteen friends were there and all 41 of us had walked the seven-mile walk from the George Washington Bridge (our family walked that one-mile bridge) on a seven-mile walk to Times Square together.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association video team filmed the entire walk on October 4, and they continued filming at Times Square.

It was an awesome moment.  I’ll never forget it, nor will our 25 family members.  I doubt anyone there will forget it.

For me, there is an added reason why that moment will be etched into my life forever.


Yes.  Jesus.  I am convinced He told me to walk across America and go to homes and  to people we meet on the road or in the restaurants, stores, churches, etc., and tell them He loves them and wants to live with them in their home.

I believe Jesus was at Times Square on October 4.  I think I even heard Him applauding.  I thought He was applauding my completing the walk.  After further thought, I think He was applauding simple obedience, which is greatly underrated.  He said, “Go.”  I went.  It was to that that I think I heard Him say, “Well done, Jim.  Keep walking.”

Yes.  It was a memorable day.  One I will never forget.

How about you?  Have you had one lately?  Please write and let me know your memorable day.  I’d love to hear from you.  If you haven’t had a good one lately, I’ll be praying you have a great one soon.

Jim…Still walking

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  1. Thank you Dad. Thank you for walking. Thank you for being obedient. That was a SPECIAL moment that will live on forever. But I am with you on hearing Jesus at Times Square.

    Another special moment I had in NYC was at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. We walked into the building and a man walked straight up to Stephen and said, “Hey pastor, what’s up pastor, how’s it going pastor. You know, you are going to heal me one of these days.” WHAT?!!??!!!! Still processing that moment. What did you say Jesus?

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