“THE STORY OF THE WALK” (What Happened…What’s Next?)

October 4, 2013 at 10 am (eastern time), the Buckley family (25 of us in our neon orange shirts) walked across the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey to New York City.  At 4:00 pm we walked into Times Square, having been joined by 16 friends, concluding the 187 day, 3131 mile Walk Across America that touched or crossed 17 states.

Today is November 21, 2013, 48 days after the conclusion of the Walk and I AM EXCITED!!  Why?

Because this weekend, November 23 & 24, I will be sharing “The Story of the Walk” at the Newbury Park First Christian Church in messages on Saturday, November 23, at the 5:00 pm service and on Sunday, November 24, at the 9:00 & 10:45 am services.  Yes.  I’d love to see you there at one of the services at the church which is located at 801 Knollwood Drive in Newbury Park, just off Hwy 101.  If you are unable to attend the services, listen to the podcast of the message which you can access on the church website at www.npfcc.org and click media to take you to the podcast.

What will I be sharing in the 35 minute message?

I will be sharing WHAT HAPPENED on the Walk.  There will be stories about events, people, tough times as well as glorious times.  I’ll share the blessing of my wonderful wife joining me for the entire walk and how instrumental and vital she was in making the Walk happen.  I’ll share some of the “messages” I received from Jesus and how He impacted hearts and homes across America through the Walk.

I will also be answering the question WHAT’S NEXT?  Now that the Walk is over, What’s Next?

Yes.  We are home in Newbury Park and so glad to be home.  The RV is unloaded and currently in the shop getting all the attention needed after covering 12,000 miles on the Walk Across America, plus the trip home to California after the Walk.  I am excited to be back at the church, serving with Pastor Ken LaMont and the team in some dynamic areas of ministry with the Newbury Park First Christian Church.

I am very excited to be sharing WHAT’S NEXT?  Yes.  The Walk is over, but “INVITING AMERICA HOME” is not.  Our mission of walking across America to bring hope to the homes of America through having Jesus live in our homes is not over.  The simple message that we shared with so many on the roads, in churches, homes, stores, etc., was JESUS WANTS TO LIVE IN EVERY HOME IN AMERICA.  That message must continue because not every home has heard that message nor invited Jesus to live in their homes, yet.  Many have and have been blessed.  But, so many still need to hear the message and invite Him to live with them every day!

So, I would love to see you this weekend.  Bring friends who followed the Walk or would be interested in hearing about the Walk.  We’ll have a wonderful time in the services thanking and praising Jesus for not only making the Walk possible, but walking with us the entire way.  He’s still with me and Glenda and is the driving force for WHAT’S NEXT?

Thank you for your prayers and support for the Walk Across America.

Thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support as we enter another chapter of the Walk as we unveil WHAT’S NEXT?  This blog will continue and be a connecting point for WHAT’S NEXT?  Also, stay connected with our Facebook, invitingAmericahome.  Like us on Facebook and follow through pictures and words what Jesus does next.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I know we will in Newbury Park sharing “THE STORY OF THE WALK.”

Jim…Walking With Jesus…and His friends and followers

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  1. I know your heart is for families, and I am seeing the same thing in churches as they realize “separate” ministries does not assist the family in being what they can be, the primary place of discipleship.

    God is with you and your ministry as is evident in what you learned and where you are headed. many blessings.



    • Yes, Myron. There must be a deconstruction of the walls of separation that unite homes. Jesus is the author and enforcer to unity. Satan is all about division and separation. We need to fight for the unity. We need to fight for Jesus.

      • Yes. Unity WITHIN homes was a cry we heard as we walked across America. If the core of the church (and society) is the home, to have a united church, we must have united homes. Separating children from youth from adults must cease. When the Buckley family walked across the George Washington Bridge a 67 yr old senior led the way and was followed by all ages all the way down to a few months old. It was a family covering 67 yrs of life. So exciting…so blessed.

    • Amen! One church in Virginia really impressed us as we met two strong families who are leading the way to implementing a “family Sunday school” class as well as potentially having a “family worship service.” These families have support of the pastor and other leaders. Awesome!!

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