How to Discover “What’s Next?”

After my six-month walk across America (THE WALK) in 2013, I have often been asked “What’s next?”

After being home in California for two months, I have an answer.

If something works for six months, why stop?

For example, in the world of sports experts say, “Don’t change what took you to the top.” For a team to reach a championship game and change what took them there is a mistake.  Why stop a good thing?

Or, if a six-month diet brings much improved health, why stop the diet?  Instead, make the diet a lifestyle for health.

So, what worked for me on THE WALK?

Three things worked well, and they are “what’s next?”


THE WALK improved my physical health (exercising 10 – 12 hrs a day).  It improved my spiritual life as I prayed a lot in thoughts or words.  It improved my mental health as I memorized parts of the Bible, and ideas flowed.  I had time to think.  It improved my relational health because my attitude improved while walking.  So why stop walking?  I won’t.

I will walk in conjunction with my ministry at the Newbury Park First Christian Church.  My walking will take me to homes bringing hope, just like on THE WALK.  I’m excited and ready to keep walking, meeting people in homes or on the road/streets, just like on THE WALK.

Since walking at home will be primarily on sidewalks, I will invite people to walk with me.  On THE WALK, people seldom walked with me due to safety factors of “crowds” on highways.


During THE WALK, I blogged and kept a daily journal.   Now I will write the story of THE WALK sharing personal reflections and stories.  When Glenda and I talk to people about THE WALK, people often ask, “Do you have a book?”   Yes.  We have a book.  But, it’s inside of us and now needs to come out.  Writing will bring it out.


THE WALK was hard work.  Walking 20-25 miles per day was one of the hardest things I have done.  A reporter asked me (after a 25 mile & 10 hour day) “What is the hardest part of THE WALK?”  I answered, “TOMORROW!”

THE WALK was harder than working for 8 summers driving a combine in 100+ degree weather for 12 hours a day in Central California as a teen and young adult.

So, I am going to keep working.

1)       I will continue working as a pastor at the Newbury Park First Christian Church overseeing and leading four major areas of ministry.

2)      In addition, I will continue teaching for TCM International Institute in Europe and Central Asia, as well as serving as West Coast representative for TCM, sharing the exciting story of the MISSION.

3)      I will continue THE WALK’s (invitingAmericahome) mission of encouraging people to invite Jesus to live in their homes.

Those ministries are exciting, but will require hard work.  Just like THE WALK.  I’m ready and excited to GET TO WORK, just like on THE WALK.

What’s next for me?  WALKING, WRITING & WORKING…just like on THE WALK.  Why change now?

How about you?  What’s next for you?  Before you answer that, look at what’s working in your life and  think about continuing that.

I’d love to hear from you, as we all continue WALKING through life, encouraging one another, on our journey to be the best God wants us to be.

Walking with Jim

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6 replies

  1. Good morning Jim.

    Thanks for catching us all up on post-walk ideas and activities.

    I am headed to Haiti twice this year as well as TCMI 3 different times and Indonesia once. In each setting I am teaching, though a variety in Indonesia and Haiti (pastors, school teachers). When UK is home I’m at their games.

    What’s next for us? We’re trying to figure that out this year. We now have 2 grandchildren here in KY and our children do not want us to move full-time to FL, so we’ve said this year we will try to figure all that out. We do not see moving to FL for another 2 years anyway at least, and maybe 4 years, but we’ll see.

    Blessings on you, your family, and your continued ministry. Get that book written so I can know more of what you discovered walking.



    • Myron,
      So great to hear from you and the exciting things in which you are involved. You are a great teacher and love it, so you are teaching…all over. Plus, your continued work with Moodle and TCM. Great!
      KU…nothing more exciting (yes…there are games days, but overall they are winners). Family and future plans to Florida. Wow!
      Blessings to you and love to see you and teach with you again. If not this year, maybe next.

  2. Can’t seem to read the new post as it says its password protected. Do we have a special password? Thanks Crystal

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Love your agenda. Love your passion! I am really understanding how one person (or two in our home) can touch so many people, save lives and change lives. You have been an inspiration to Judy and me. Love hearing your stories and love sharing ours! Darryl

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