I’m Back!! Where Did I Go?

After 21 months, I’m back!!

Where did I go?  It’s a long story, but worth repeating.

My last blog was on January 13, 2014.  That was 525 days ago.  It has gone so fast.

In my last blog I tried to answer the question, “What’s Next?” after walking across America in 2013.

I had three answers.

  1.  I’m walking.  I walked daily until May 5, 2014, when I ruptured a disc in my back (L4 L5) moving a potted plant.  Didn’t walk at all for awhile.  After 2 epidurals and months of physical therapy, my walking resumed.
  2.  I’m writing.  I wrote for several months about the Walk.  About November, 2014, I began to work with Xulon Press to create a manuscript for a book.
  3.  I’m working.  I continued working as one of the pastors of the Newbury Park First Christian Church and adjunct professor of TCMI Institute in Austria.

Today I have three updates.

  1.  I’m walking again.  My back is much better.  I recently walked 10 miles to the beach.  I’M BACK!!
  2.  I’m writing still.  My wife and I are very close to launching a book on the Walk across America.  We just sent a final proof to Xulon Press, believing the book will be published and released before Thanksgiving.  The title is WALKING ACROSS AMERICA One Step At A Time  by Jim and Glenda Buckley.  We’re excited!!
  3.  I’m working still.  As one of the pastors of the Newbury Park First Christian Church, I rejoiced with our church family as we celebrated or 50th anniversary of the church this past Sunday night with over 400 people at a celebration banquet.  I’m also teaching at TCMI Institute, just returning with Glenda on September 24 from my most recent teaching assignment.

It’s great to be back!! 

So spread the word.  Dr. Jim is back and a book on the Walk across America is coming very, very soon!!

Watch for it:  WALKING ACROSS AMERICA  One Step At A Time by Jim and Glenda Buckley

After being gone for 525 days, you’ll hear from me again soon.  I promise!!

I’d love to hear from you.

Jim Buckley

Walking with Jim

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8 replies

  1. so thankful you are back – yet are still doing the work of ministry around the world. looking forward to your book. maybe someday we’ll teach again the same session at the Haus.

  2. Great to hear from you again. Yes. It would be special if we could draw the same teaching Session at the Haus. We had some very good times together and would enjoy that again. Blessings to you.

  3. Well, we are glad you are back. Oh, have you been away??!! 🙂 We missed you at “Septemberbest” this year.

  4. We missed being there, but schedule did not allow it. We missed everyone, but some special people are more “missable” than others. 🙂

  5. Agreed! It’s not quite the same, but getting to connect on Walking With Jim is not bad. 🙂

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