Glenda’s Glimpses – “My Walk”

A couple of months after Jim and I completed the Walk across America, I began to go through the Bible, searching for the word “walk”  by going to and doing a word search.  I found that there are over 300 appearances of the word “walk” in  the ESV version of the Bible. What I would do is I would read each passage then write some of my thoughts about what was said, dating them as I would go along.  (There was a BIG gap on the calendar of my writings as Jim and I worked on writing our book, WALKING ACROSS AMERICA:  One Step At A Time.)  I have found within the Scriptures and within my own heart and mind, that there is so much more to walking than physically walking anywhere – whether across America, across the street, or anywhere else.  All of this is not theological; it’s personal.  That’s because my walk with Jesus is personal.  I still have several passages to write about but  doesn’t our walk take time, a lifetime?  I have decided to include these writings on our website.  Jim has encouraged me put them in a collection and publish them.   We’ll see.  I would love for you to join me, to reply with your thoughts.  Or maybe you would like to do your own “walk.”  So here goes.

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  1. Thanks Glenda, you’ve inspired me to look up the word God placed on my heart when I left Calif. That word is BOLD. I’m actually anxious to research this. I’ll keep you posted. Paula

  2. I like the idea 😄

    Sent from Cindy’s iPad God Bless


  3. Great to hear your book on the Walk across America is about to be published. And I love your thoughts on Glenda’s Glimpses! ! I’m happy to follow your website as you share how Jesus walks with us each day. Personally I feel I can always learn more about my own walk with my Savior. For the record I think a collection of your findings would make a wonderful and encouraging read!!

    • Thanks, Valda. So good to hear from you. Actually, our book has been published. You can get it through our website. We could send you one, if you would rather. It might save a little bit. 🙂 Then we could always sign it. Thanks for the input. There were times on the walk that I would be encouraged by the fact I knew you had done the same thing.

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