Glenda’s Glimpses: Habitually

December 30, 2013

Genesis 5:24

Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

It’s very interesting, some translations added more clarification such as walked faithfully, continually, habitually, or even in habitual fellowship. It seems that whether it is stated or inferred, the idea is that walking with God means we do it consistently, over and over, daily. Do you know how daily it takes to walk across America? You end the day, only to rise the next morning to do it again. Then you repeat the next day – again and again and again. Routine. Jim and I each got into a routine so that we didn’t have to keep figuring out what to do. We knew what we had to do the next day. Isn’t that what a habit is? You do things without having to think about it. It’s the way you do things. So walking with God habitually is a matter of doing it without always having to think about what or how; that is just the way you do it. It’s your default setting. Walking habitually means, if all else is let go of, you do this one thing. However, walking with God doesn’t mean you do it mindlessly; rather, it completely fills your heart and mind. Walking faithfully with God is making it your whole life. For me, to walk with God means He is my guide, my direction, my inspiration, my encouragement. Jesus said it this way, “Abide in me….” (John 15:4)

Where does this lead? It says, “…then he was no more, because God took him away.” We have a grandson who is taking a few steps. At this point, he won’t just take off out into the room, but he has to be encouraged to walk towards someone. Mommy and Daddy are the best ones. It is toward. In the same way, we constantly walk toward God, passionately pursuing Him. And just like Mommy and Daddy, God has His arms open wide for us with “smiles and hugs” – the reason to do it again and again. We like to pick up that child who has walked to us. In the same way, God picks us up and carries us home.

Think about what “faithfully” or “habitually” walking with God means to you. You can share with us, journal it, or just ponder.

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