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  1. A very happy and blessed 70th birthday Jim. From the photos it looks like you are very blessed😊 Beautiful family!

  2. Happy Birthday Jim! Best Wishes for a Wonderful Year!!!!!

  3. Yes, Happy birthday. Enjoyed the cake yesterday.

  4. Jim, Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy and friend. Many Blessings to you and family…..Lee

  5. He doesn’t seem all that much older than he did last week! See, Jim?? 70 isn’t so bad, now, is it? Have a terrific celebration. Dale and Markie…

  6. No. I don’t age…just in numbers of days. 🙂 It was great seeing you at Harrisburg. A special treat!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jim! May you have a wonderfully blessed year.

    • Hi Patti,
      This is a belated thank you for your birthday wish to me. Somehow, it was hidden on my blog replies and Glenda just happened to find it. Computers…internet…Facebook…Blogs…WOW! So much stuff, but, I really appreciate you thinking of me on my 70th birthday. You and Janz are very very special to us and I wanted you to know that.
      One additional note is that Glenda and I will be at Glad Tidings Church in Hanford at 6:00 pm on Sunday, November 20. If you two are available and want to hear us share “The Story and Message of the Walk,” we’d love to have you with us that night…bring or invite as many friends as possible. We will have books with us that night as well.
      Thanks again for the birthday wish. It was a very special birthday, fully equipped with 2 birthday surprises, plus over 400 Facebook wishes that I tried to respond to every single one. It took awhile, but was fun connecting with so many (probably half) of the people I’m really close to, like you and Janz.
      Blesings in Him,

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