Walking with Jim…REALLY?

It’s been three years since I walked across America.  I am occasionally asked, “Are you going to walk across America again?”  Right now, I have no plans to do it.

However, I’m still walking.  For a while I wasn’t even walking after I ruptured discs L4 and L5.

Since I am walking again, I decided to invite anyone interested to walk with me through my Walking with Jim blog.  Here’s my plan and my invitation to you or anyone following my blog.

  1. I will blog every day in 2017 that I go on a walk.
  2. I will record my daily miles in my blog. (Today I walked 10.5 miles…far more than usual.)
  3. I will even add short comments occasionally.

I invite anyone reading my blog to respond in the following way:

  1. Respond to my blog by giving me the miles walked to the tenths. (i.e. 3.4 miles) (Use your pedometer or “Map My Walk” or any other tool you use.)
  2. Indicate the location of your walk (by state, or country if out of the United States.)

As you join me in Walking with Jim, together we can answer the question, “Will you walk across America in 2017?”  I know I won’t make it by myself, but together, who knows how far we can go!  Maybe together, we can make 3,131 miles, the distance I walked in six months in 2013 to make the walk across America.  In my daily walking blog, I will update the total of all who are walking and report the total number of miles for the year to date.  (As of this writing, it is 10.5 miles – not even out of Los Angeles, yet. )

I’m walking.  Please join me and let’s have some fun in 2017 seeing how far we can walk together.  Pass the word to your friends who walk, especially friends in different states to see if we can include all 50 states during the year.  My wife, Glenda, and I have connections in a lot of states and plan to email them to subscribe to Walking with Jim. 

If you haven’t been walking, but want to start, use this blog to begin and follow my walking blog.

I’m looking forward to a lot of people who will be Walking with Jim in 2017.  I hope you are one of them.

Enjoying walking together,


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2 replies

  1. I’m in, of course. Will my miles count? Mine are just more local miles.

  2. Yes.
    Your local miles will count…any miles will count, so walk on. Welcome to the walk!! You’re the first to join the walk, and I’m praying for many more to join us. Spread the word that we’re walking somewhere. How far we walk determines where we go. Exciting to have you on the team of people WALKING WITH JIM.

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