Glenda’s Glimpses: I Am a Promise

January 22, 2014

Leviticus 26:13

I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt so that you would no longer be slaves to the Egyptians; I broke the bars of your yoke and enabled you to walk in any direction. 

 Sometimes we need to be reminded.  God had reminded the children of what He had done for them.  He had freed them from bondage and then gave them a reason for hope – hope with dignity.  God does that.  He can take the slave and turn him into a person of respect.  The horizon is broad with hope.

I remember something Jim’s mom said when our oldest child was an infant.  She took his little hand and said, “What will this little hand do someday?”  There was a kid’s song when our children were young:  “I Am a Promise.”

            I am a promise, I am a possibility

            I am a promise with a capital “P

            I am a great big bundle of potentiality

            And I am learnin’ to hear God’s voice

            And I am tryin’ to make the right choice

            I am a promise to be anything God wants me to be.

It goes on to say:

I can go anywhere that He wants me to go

            I can be anything He wants me to be

            I can climb the high mountains

            I can cross the wide sea

            I’m a great big promise you see!

Pray that God will show you your possibilities; then put your hand in His grand hand and walk with Him

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  1. Love the words to the song I AM A PROMISE! Never heard it before. Passing it on to my kids.

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