Walking with Jim…Week #2


In 2013 I walked across America.  It’s 2017 and in my last blog, (“Walking with Jim…REALLY?”), I invited everyone to walk with me this year.   I am recording my miles daily and posting them on a blog every Monday in 2017.  Here’s how you can walk with me:

  1. When you walk, record your miles through a pedometer, MapMyWalk, or any other tool you use.
  2. Reply to me through Leave A Reply to my weekly blog with the total miles you walked for the week.  (You’ll find Leave A Reply at the bottom of my blog.)
  3. I’ll keep track of my miles plus yours and give you an update weekly on my Monday blog of OUR TOTAL WALKING MILES!!

My total miles for January 1-8 were 29.4.  It’s not far, but it’s a start.  However, with you recording your miles and telling friends to join “Walking with Jim,” we will cover a lot more ground.  So far, I’m not even out of the Los Angeles Basin.  I need your help, so sign up by replying each week and get your friends walking, too.  Who knows?  We might even walk across America in 2017…or go even farther…TOGETHER!

This will be fun…to see how far we can walk together in a week, month or one year.  Plus, it will help all of us to keep walking with the motivation that we are not walking alone.   In future blogs, I’ll share some of the blessings I receive from walking.  (Be sure to sign up to follow the blog so that you will receive notification on posted blogs.)  I want you and your friends to have those same blessings.

Walking with Jim

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16 replies

  1. Okay, I didn’t help you out much last week because I was sick this last week. I did manage to get 1.6 miles at the end of the week. I should have more for you
    next week! 😉 Glenda

  2. do my running miles count? if so then add 17.5 miles per week.

  3. I, m walking with you Jim. Will let you k ow the mlies each week. Diana

  4. I want to walk with you! I logged 25.4 miles. Suzanne

  5. I try to walk three miles a day but don’t always hit the mark. However, I love this idea of walking across America with you. When Rick walked his 3000 + miles across the USA in 2008 I drove the RV so I accept this challenge and hope many others will join the fun!!

    • Valda…what a blessing to have you walking with us. You, of all people, joining me on this Walking with Jim, bring something to this team that few bring. You have been on a walking across America team before! I’ll say more about you in my Walking with Jim post tomorrow! Praise God for you!!

  6. Here’s my report for Week #2. I walked 14 miles. Look forward to hearing others.

  7. Me too. Thank you for your very encouraging report of 14 miles this past week. You did far better than I this past week. I’ll explain in my Walking with Jim post that I will make tomorrow.

  8. Just trying an experiment to see if my post will work using my Facebook link. For this particular week, I went 25.4 miles. So glad to be a part of the walk!!!

  9. Reporting my miles. Walked 12 miles this week. Diana

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