Week #2 Report – “We’ve started walking!”

jim-and-glenda-never-walking-aloneWalking across America in 2013 taught me to be flexible.  I had a weekly goal of 150 miles, but issues like roads, weather, injuries and sickness changed things.  It happened again this week.  I was only able to accumulate 10 miles due to the flu.

However, this past week of Walking with Jim was the first week with the WALKING TEAM, growing to four people.  My wife, Glenda, reported 14 miles, while Diana (a good friend) reported 11.9 miles. Valda (described below) added 16.7 miles. Hallelujah!!  So with four people reporting miles, we WALKED a total of 52.6 miles this week.  Incredible, considering I was sick all week.  Amazing what a team can do.

One of our team of four walkers is Valda Hammersley, whose husband, Rick, walked 3,206.75 miles across America in 2008  with Valda giving him the same support that my wife, Glenda, also gave me daily.  Each drove an RV to support and care for their walking husbands.  Welcome to Glenda and Valda, two women who have experienced a walk across America.  It’s exciting to have three of the four on our team who have already traveled over 3,000 miles in about six months.  Rick is now with the Lord, but I would like to commend him for his walk which was five years before my walk.  He out walked me by 75 miles – beginning on the Pacific Coast, ending in NYC.  Amazing man!!  I’ll meet him in heaven someday, and I’m sure we’ll walk all over heaven.

JOIN THE TEAM – So, please start Walking with Jim today and report your week’s total miles on LEAVE A REPLY on the bottom of my weekly post.  Spread the word; we’d love for the team to grow each week.  It’s so simple.  Start walking and report your miles every Sunday night.    

TOTAL MILES after week #2 – 83.6 miles (We’re over halfway to Palm Springs!  We’re getting somewhere…together!!)



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12 replies

  1. I have a Fitbit and it reported 7.62 miles last week. God is good! Carina Eddy

  2. Jim, sorry to hear you were sick. Half our family and many friends had the flu or colds over the holidays. Some lasting several weeks. Pray that you will feel better soon. Diana

  3. Valda walked 13 Miles this week. Yay!!

  4. I managed to walk 15.3 this week.

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