“Report for Week #3 – EXCITING!

After three weeks of Walking with Jim, we are definitely going somewhere.

Where?  By last week, we had walked

TOTAL MILES after week #2 was 83.6.

TOTAL MILES after week #3 is 167.6.   We made it to Palm Springs.  We’re now out of the Los Angeles basin on our way to New York City.  But this week, we’ll begin our walk through the Mojave Desert.  Enjoy the walk.

Exciting news this week:

  1. We added another walker…Suzanne, who walked 20.5 miles this week.
  2. I’m over the flu and feeling much better.
  3. Of our team of 6 walkers (it’s growing each week), we had 5 reporting for a total of 84 miles.
  4. I met a “young couple” tonight walking the mall.  We talked, and they walk 3 miles per day.  She’s 72 and he’s 75.  It’s their secret to staying young.  I shared about Walking with Jim and invited them to join us and be on the Walking with Jim  They may.  (Just thinking… 3 miles per day times 2 people times 7 days a week…WOW!  42 miles per week.) Wouldn’t that be a blessing?  I pray they join us.

JOIN ME IN INVITING ANYONE AND EVERYONE!   Just tell them to walk, record their miles and go to Walking with Jim.  At LEAVE A REPLY, tell them to introduce themselves and leave their miles.  They will be on the team.  We have 6 walkers now.  I’m praying for 10.

Have an exciting week as we walk through Yucca Valley, California on our way through the Mojave Desert.  We’re definitely going somewhere…together!!

Walking with Jim


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13 replies

  1. Fantastic!!!! I have never walked through the Mojave Desert so am looking forward to that experience. Happy Walking everyone!

  2. Good morning. Just checking in to make certain that my miles ary being tracked. Every mile counts! 😊

  3. For week 3 (Jan 16 – 22) I went 28.1 miles. So excited to be a part of your walk!

  4. Tom Maronde Jan. 26 . Walked 5miles. Jan. 27 walked 2.7 million.

    • Tom and Diane,
      I got your miles in an Administrative File, but not on the blog. Try this. Next time when you enter your miles in LEAVE A REPLY make sure you hit POST. If it doesn’t work then, we’ll have to check with WORDPRESS to see why it’s not recording.

  5. My miles for January 22-28: 15.5 miles! This is helping to push me a little more.

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