REPORT FOR WEEK #4 – “Speeding through the Mojave!”


In WK #4 of Walking with Jim, we now have 9  walkers with 8  reporting 114.8 miles walked (a new record for one week!!!) Some walkers are having trouble recording miles on the blog.  Keep trying.  We’ll get it sooner or later.  EACH WEEK on Sunday night or early Monday morning, go to the Walking with Jim blog and at the bottom record your miles in LEAVE A REPLY, then hit POST and it should record it.

The great news is that we have two new walkers (Tom and Diane Maronde) reporting this week.  Also, with 114.8 miles walked this week, we are 282.4 miles  further across America.  Glenda and I are using the same route we went crossing America in 2013.  If you want to connect our 2017 walk with the 2013 walk, get a copy of our book, Walking Across America: One Step at a Time from or Barnes &  We’ll refer to it in the blog from time to time.

On the second week of the 2013 walk, Pastor Ken LaMont joined us for a day on April 8, and walked 24 miles with me on a very windy day with horrific gusts.  One gust almost ripped off the RV house door throwing me to the ground.  Ken saved the day and with his dad’s help that night, repaired the door.  (Page 17 in the book.)

Keep walking.  We are speeding across the Mojave and will be in Arizona next week.  WOW!! Glenda will be sharing a “desert moment” in next week’s report.  Spread the word that we are crossing America and invite others to join us.  This is the way to walk across America for sure!!

Walking with Jim

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  1. Cool!


    David J. Wright
    Vice President of Ministry Services
    TCM International Institute
    6337 Hollister Drive
    Indianapolis, IN 46224
    317-299-0333 office
    317-290-8607 fax
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  2. On week 4 (jan 22-28) I went 24.1 miles.

  3. I’m ready to turn in my miles for January 29 – February 4: 18.2 miles. The last couple of miles were in boots in the snow in the mountains in Idaho. Okay, much of it was on plowed roads, but there was still the crunch of snow under my feet, or rather, boots. I’m here with siblings. We went to see ice sculptures at winter carnival.

  4. Feb. 1. 5.7 miles. Feb. 4 . 3.7 miles

  5. Dave and I each walked 12 from Feb. 12 – Feb. 18. DAve & Joan Rensch

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