Report for WK #5 – “Through the Mojave toward Phoenix”


Week #5 was our best yet.   Our team walked 130.6 miles in the week.  My goal each week walking across America was 150 miles.  We are close to that.  Wow!! What a team!

This week our Walking with Jim team walked enough miles to make it through the Mojave Desert on Hwy 62 to Parker, AZ down Hwy 72 to Hope, AZ where we walked on Hwy 62 to Wickenburg, AZ.   We are close to Phoenix and should make it through Phoenix next week, headed toward Payson, AZ.

Memories!  If you follow our 2013 walk across America in our book, Walking Across America: One Step at a Time, see page 27 for a “funny sign” about Hope, and page 30 for the fascinating story of Glenda and all her goats.  It happened!!

We survived the Mojave Desert, which had its own beauty and manageable heat during April.  Arizona’s desert was challenging, but left us with priceless memories.

I’m enjoying this walk across America with a growing team of nine people, allowing Glenda and me to relive our 2013 walk.  Thank you for walking and keep inviting people to join our walking team.  All they need to join is record their walking miles on a phone, pedometer, Fitbit, etc., then go to Walking with Jim blog.  On LEAVE A REPLY they can leave their name and miles and click POST COMMENT.  They are on the team.  They can describe themselves to let us know a little about them, if they like.


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  1. Jim, I walked 9.9 miles last week which is week 5. I report on Monday for the previous Monday through Sunday because your post does not get to me until Monday. Diana.

  2. Feb.5-4.7mi. Feb. 6-6.2mi. Feb. 7-5.4mi. Feb. 9-3.7mi.

  3. Jim, I walked 9.9 miles in the week ending February 5th. Let me know if you get this. Good seeing you today at themall. Diana

  4. Wow! I’m encouraged by so many of you. I walked 18.2 miles February 5-11.

  5. Thanks to Tom, Diane, Diana and Glenda for getting your miles to me on the blog. Helps immensely!!
    Blessings as we walk together to New York City.

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