Report for WK #6 – “The Toughest Part of the Walk?”


Two walks that are totally different!!    The stretch near Sun City West through Phoenix, Payson and Show Low, Arizona to within 26 miles of Springerville, AZ was definitely the toughest part of the 2013 walk.

On our 2017 walk, we breezed through that 224.9 miles with NO PROBLEM!!  AMAZING!!

Way to go 2017 walking team as we hit a record of miles this week walking 224.9 miles.  We sailed past my personal goal of 150 miles per week in 2013.  I’m in awe of our nine walkers in 2017.  We are still recruiting and welcoming new walkers to our team, but the nine we currently have are unbelievable.

If you want to look back at what happened on our 2013 walk, the two pictures above tell it all.  The first picture near Payson, AZ shows me attending to my injured ankle.  The other picture tells the most, as it shows Glenda massaging my feet which she did twice daily from Payson to New York City Times Square.  I would have never made it without her.

If you want to read more about this part of the 2013 walk, go to pages 35 to 54 in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time (available on  Those nineteen pages are about 200+ miles that I’ll never forget and a wife that I treasure who saved the walk by sacrificially massaging my feet twice daily.  AWESOME!!

This 2017 WEEK SIX blows me away!!  What a team we have.  If you are not on the team, but would like to be, here’s how you join.

  1. On LEAVE A REPLY below, just click it, enter your name and miles.
  2. Remember to click POST COMMENT and we’ll add your miles each week as you enter your name and miles on LEAVE A REPLY to each new blog. WELCOME TO THE TEAM.



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12 replies

  1. Great to be a part of the 2017 Walking team!! Congrats to everyone!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to all – there are many ways to show love and devotion and what a joy and privilege it is. Now, Happy Valentine’s Day to my Valentine – the walking Jim.

  3. Happy Valentines Day to you all😍 Glenda is showing the greatest love in photo above..Agape love. I,m excited about this adventure and suggested we get together for a celebration when we reach Times Square. Diana

  4. With all the rain, my miles are pretty dismal. Only 7 last week. But next week will be better. And the week after I am out of loop in in the Caribbean!

  5. It took some mall walking to make the miles with the rain. I logged 17.6 miles.

  6. Jim, my miles ending February 19th are 19.1. We hiked today In our mountains and they are turning so green with new growth and water rushing everywhere. God is good. His timing is perfect. Diana

  7. Dave and I each walked 12 miles this past week – Feb. 512-Feb. 18. Not sure when I should post the miles. Dave and Joan Rensch

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