WK #7 – “One Step at a Time!”


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Week 7 of our Walk Across America logged 108.2 miles with five of the team reporting this week.  That is down from 240 miles last week.  That’s the way life is at times.  Some days or weeks are better, but you just keep going…walking.  A walk is like life.  There are days and there are days.  Just press on.

One of the lessons we learned on the 2013 Walk was consistency.  Someone asked me “How are you going to get to New York City?”  I responded, “The same way you eat an elephant…one bite at a time.”  I told them I would get to New York City from Newbury Park, CA, “one step at a time.”  That’s life.

So, this week in the 2017 Walk, we walked through Springerville, AZ, where we met Larry Hamblen, pastor of Jesus First Church and some great people there in 2013.  Then we walked through Red Hill, New Mexico, population 1, where we met the whole town at once in the 2013 Walk.  Our walk has taken us through Pie Town, NM, where they have great pies (yummy…I had two pieces in 2013…why not?  I’d lose it the next day!)

In 2017, we are only miles away, stopping in Datil, NM, from The Very Large Array, twenty-seven massive radio antennas at the unique radio astronomy observatory.  We’ll see that next week.  They are massive!!

This week we rejoice with Valda, one of our young walkers, who celebrated her 70th birthday by walking 15.5 miles.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VALDA!!

So, our word for this week is CONSISTENCY!!  How are we getting to New York City?

ONE STEP AT A TIME!!  Keep walking, and you will get there!!


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10 replies

  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! It is a joy to be walking with all you folks, even though I have never met you personally. God is a God of consistency and I’m proud to be called His child. Walk on…walk on…..with hope in your hearts and you’ll never Walk alone. Have a great week!!

  2. Happy 70th birthday Valda. hope to meet you someday…maybe when we reach New York City.
    My husband and I saw God,s beauty and faithfulness while walking through the Santa Momica mountains Sunday. The burn areas have new growth and the rivers are full. The charred blackish brush and trees are being taken over by the green new growth. I thought, what an example of what Christ did for our “charred”souls.

  3. This week, Feb 20-25, I walked 13.9 miles.

  4. Dave and I each walked 24 miles from February 19 through Feb. 25. The 4 miles we walked on Saturday were on a trail and we really enjoyed all of the gr33n in God’s creation.

    Dave & Joan Rensch

    • Welcome Dave and Joan. Looks like your participation is going to increase our miles exponentially😊 Awesome! Lee and I also walked the hills near Satwiwea and were amazed at the green new growth. God is good.

  5. This week Debbie walked 15 miles and Jim walked 12.5 miles.

  6. So encouraging to hear from everyone. I walked 19 miles February 20-25. Let’s keep walking!

  7. Wow! Welcome to Jim and Debbie and Dave and Joan! Great to have you join the team now numbering 13. Great week with you and Glenda and Suzanne. Cathy and Tom have already reported. I think we’ll make some great miles through New Mexico!
    Blessings to all,

  8. The week ending on February 26, I walked 14.3 miles. Hope to do better this coming week.
    Keep us posted as to our progress across the country. I,m following on a map and in your book.

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