WK #8 – “Many Miles…Many AMAZING Sights”


Our team of walkers walking across America has grown from 9 to 13 which resulted in a record number of miles in week 8…249.5 miles passing the record set in week 6.  Congratulations, team!!  Welcome to new walkers, Jim and Debbie Morrow along with David and Joan Rensch!!

Walking the same route in 2013, Glenda and I saw many AMAZING sights on this 250 miles of America.  Those sights included 27 MASSIVE radio antennas known as the VERY LARGE ARRAY.  I could see they were big, 10 miles away.  When I saw them up close, they were MASSIVE!

We saw hungry cows that came running thinking that Glenda had backed up to feed them.  They were disappointed when they learned she only backed up to have a quiet devotional time.  That changed when they started and kept MOOING.  Glenda “moo”ved on.  I stayed behind to “cow”nsel the depressed herd.

Those and more stories from the ACTUAL 2013 walk can be found on pages 62-72, in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time on Amazon.com.

Back to our 2017 walk.  When I tell people that I’m walking across America again, they are really impressed.  Then I explain that I’m doing it in town by walking and recording my miles.  Plus, I’m welcoming others to join me.  Walkers record their miles, and we put them together on our walk to New York City Times Square.  It took me 6 months to walk across America.  With 13 on our team, I think we may be there before six months.  Yay!!

Our walking team of 13 is excited and healthier because we are “going somewhere” and doing it with others, getting healthier as we walk.   Some of us are over 70!!  Yay!!  We’re not done, yet.

If you would like to join our walking team, here’s how you join:

  1. Start walking and record your miles with a pedometer, phone app, or other recording device.  There are many.
  2. Then go to walkingwithjim.wordpress.com
  3. Go to LEAVE A REPLY at the bottom of the blog and enter your name and miles.
  4. Click POST COMMENT, and you are on the team.
  5. Be sure to follow us to receive posts.  (At the bottom of the page)

We hope you will join us in “going to New York City” and getting healthier as we go!!


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7 replies

  1. Great job team!! What a joy to know so many are taking this walk from all parts of our nation! Happy Trails!!

  2. Happy trails for me this week came to 18 miles. Look forward to all of your miles. Will we still be in New Mexico or move into the Texas Panhandle?

  3. My miles for week 9 came to 25.8 miles. We are really moving along!!!

  4. For the week of Feb. 26-Mar.4 :
    Joan walked 24 1/2 miles
    Dave walked 18 1/2 miles

    Keep on walking!
    Dave & Joan Rensch

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