Wk #10 – “Walking Memories”


Wk #10 is over!!  Our 2017 walking team of thirteen people walked 190.6 miles with three people being unable to walk this week.  It was an awesome week of walking filled with “Walking Memories” as we passed through Miami, Texas, and stopped just a few miles from Mooreland, Oklahoma, on Hwy 15 going to Enid.

All kinds of memories in Wk #10 including people shocked when I told people I was walking across America again (they were stunned and excited), but this time “in town.”  When I saw their puzzled look, I explained that 13 of us were walking in our own towns or places, then pooling our miles online for a total each week.  They were so impressed.


* …enjoying friends and neighbors as I stopped walking to visit.

* …feeling so healthy as I walked.

* …talking with a member of the 2017 team as she was so excited to be walking!

Members of the 2017 walking team:  Please share some or your “walking memories” from our first ten weeks.  Enter memories on LEAVE A REPLY.

Glenda and I have stirring memories of these 190 miles from the 2013 walk that include great Texas cooking and hospitality in Miami and Canadian, Texas.  Great food included a Texas BBQ,  plus another meal at a delicious steak house and tremendous people like Rifle, Boozer, Matthew and Angela. Pages 93-96 of Walking Across America: One Step at a Time (Amazon.com) include stories and pictures (like the ones on this blog.)

As we walk for health and/or enjoyment in 2017, we cherish the memories of special sights, places, events and people who make every walk so special. WK #11 in our 2017 walk will be exciting with some big memories.

Keep walking and follow this blog anticipating the BIG NEWS in Wk #11. 


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6 replies

  1. March 12-18 Dave walked 18.81 miles and Joan walked 23.02 miles. We walk our dog as well as ourselves and have come to know quite a few other dog walkers. Nice to meet and greet.
    Dave & Joan Rensch

  2. I am still recovering from illnesses so only walked 6.6 mikes for week ending March 18. Diana

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