Wk #11  is a memorable week for walk 2017 because with 225 miles this week, our fantastic team is over HALFWAY TO NEW YORK CITY.  After 11 weeks of walking, our thirteen walkers have covered 1,651 miles.  The walk to Times Square will cover 3,131 miles. We’re over halfway!!  Celebration time!!

This 2017 team is doing super showing the consistency week after week, which is what it takes to get anywhere in life – consistencyOne day at a time – one step at a time is how one (or a team) gets to New York City, our goal.  Any goal in life is reached the same way.

On the 2013 walk, these miles were  a memorable part of the journey because on June 8, I probably had my hardest day of walking.  Suffering from a bad cold or hay fever or both, I walked 28 miles in Oklahoma wind.  As bad as it was, we had a happy ending.  That day is described in the book, Walking Across America: One Step at a Time, on pages 100 – 103.  (Amazon.com carries the book.)

June 8, 2013, was our 45th wedding anniversary.  Although it might have been my hardest day, it changed when Steve Harris, owner of a steakhouse in Enid, Oklahoma, treated Glenda and me to a dinner “on the house” to celebrate our 45th year and our walk across America.  What a treat!  My aches and pains were feeling much better. My cold was even gone, or at least much better.  Is a possible to “walk out” a cold?  Maybe!!  Or maybe it was just the joy of remembering being married to the most wonderful wife in the world for 45 years.  It was a hard day for both of us, but the Lord blessed us richly at the close of the day.  He’s done that before in our marriage as we’ve faced tough days.  He’s blessed us in special ways.  He did it again!!  Thank you, Jesus!

Back to 2017.  I love our walking team, but we still have room for more walkers.  Just walk, record miles and report them on this blog at the bottom where it says, LEAVE A REPLY and hit “post comment.”  You’ll be on the team.  Pass the word.  Recruit friends.  We have no limit.  The more the merrier and the faster we get to New York City.  Plus, the healthier you and your friends will be.


Coming soon – The Mighty Mississippi!!  Don’t miss this amazing river crossing!

Happy walking,


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19 replies

  1. Way to go team of walkers!! Am proud to be a part of this epic journey! Happy Spring!

  2. Thank you. Being part of this group means more to me than you might guess. On March 28 my Social Security Benefits trial occurs. Can I ask for prayer that with you that God’s way and my way are aligned and if not, that I practice”thy will be done on earth as it is here in heaven.” It has been a very long, strenuous 5 years.

    Sent from Carina’s IPad


    • Yes, Carina. We will be praying for the March 28 trial and praying for the best for you. Thank you for sharing that the Walking Team can be a lot more than walking!!

    • I hope you get approved. I’ve been fighting SSI for disability since 2012. They are a nightnare. Even with medical proof and the courts expert saying i couldn’t work, they still have just kept on denying my claim. Hopefully they will approve mine before we end up homeless. I pray yours goes through on the 28th.

  3. Interesting that I have been suffering with sinus infection, bronchitis, asthma, and probably some spring allergies for the past two weeks so not walking as much, but, as Jim said you keep on and I do think exercise can help eradicate a cold. Praise God I am feeling better! Diana

  4. Yup, you can walk out a cold. Also migraines. If I don’t walk, I get them. If I feel the beginning of one, and I walk, I usually won’t get it. Loosens up my neck.

  5. Another week – I was able to walk 18 miles from March 19-25. Excited to hear how all you walking partners have done!!

  6. Miles end of week 12, ending March 25…. 18.5 miles! Finally healthy, praise God. Have a continued good safe trip Glenda and Jim. Diana

  7. This week I went 24.5 miles. Can’t wait to find out where we will be this week!

  8. We will be praying for you, Carina.

  9. March 19 – March 25 – Dave walked 19.23 miles and Joan walked 22.54 miles. We start out together for about 2 miles and then Joan takes a little longer loop – with the dog. Hunter always has plenty of energy:-)

  10. This week I went 26.6 miles. And today, I can’t wait to serve along side you both for Serve Day!!

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