Wk 12 “It’s All About Family!”

The 2017 Walk Across America set a new record of miles in one week with 254.3 miles in WK 12.  But, it also added another walker, Eric, who walked 47.5 miles.  Eric is a good friend of Walking With Jim as Eric was the only person who walked the first few miles with Jim in 2013 on the Walk Across America that is the story of Walking Across America: One Step at a Time (Amazon.com).

The 2017 walking team is becoming like family with walkers sharing personal needs together as they move across America as a team.  Adding a good friend like Eric will make the team even more like family as the team gets acquainted with Eric’s story that may be featured in a future blog.

The 2013 walk was a story of family.  People that Jim and Glenda met on the walk became like family, with some staying in touch over four years after that walk.  That closeness has prompted Jim and Glenda to consider a “Reunion Walk” sometime in the future.  Though not a full walk, it might feature Jim and Glenda driving the same route with stops along the way to reconnect with some of the people involved in the 2013 walk.

One of the highlights of the 2013 walk was for Jim to reconnect with the oldest living Buckley near Springfield, Missouri.  Jim reconnected with his Aunt Mildred and her daughter and son, Carleen and Robert, and family in that area.  The story of Jim’s reconnecting with family is on pages 122-123 in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time.  Another highlight of the 2013 walk was the conclusion of the walk when Jim and Glenda’s family of 25 people joined them in New York City to walk the final miles to Times Square.

The 2017 team has not decided how to conclude the 2017 walk, but it will be exciting.  If you would like to be included in that conclusion, you are invited to join the team.  It’s simple.  Record your miles, then post them on this blog in the LEAVE A REPLY at the bottom of the blog.  Then, click POST A COMMENT and you are on the team.  Record your miles each week until we reach New York City, which could be soon if we keep breaking miles per week records.

Looking for adding more to the walking family,


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12 replies

  1. Your walk and my walk keeps reminding of my walk with Jesus. Thank you for all the good you do….blessings! Carina

  2. Hello fellow walkers. Not sure how I missed the beginning of this adventure, but glad I made it for the 2nd half. I try to do a bit of walking every day. It’s part of my routine for dealing with health problems. I truly believe in that the old saying “use it or lose it.” That, and the grace of God, has so far kept me on my feet, instead of in a wheelchair, for almost 20 years (and counting) longer than expected.

    Would love to learn more about the group. Where is everyone from? I’m in Newbury Park (currently circling NPFCC on my night walk) What brought you to the group, or your reason for walking?

    Take care!

    • Thanks, Eric, for introducing yourself to the group. I am blessed to know you and count you as a walking partner of the past, now of the present. It’s great walking with you again, even though this walk is a little different. 🙂 We’re blessed to have you on the team. Though your miles are staggering, we welcome you and any others who “walk for life.” With an abundance of miles, maybe our walk across America (2017) is only the start of SOMETHING BIGGER!! Who knows? Keep walking…for life!!

  3. Wow! This walking team is encouraging me to do better and go farther. Thanks Team!

  4. That’s good news…that the walking team is encouraging you. That’s the dream for every team – because of each other, we do bigger and better things, individually and together.
    Great comment, Valda.

  5. Last day, let’s end it strong and blow the record out of the water!

  6. Here’s my mIles for the week.
    3/26 – 4/1 = 84.2. Trying to hit 100 without adding extra walks, just speeding up. Hope the group is well!

  7. Miles for week March 26 – April 1 Dave 12.72 miles; Joan 20.10 miles – Were gone a couple of days so not as many miles

    • Thanks for the miles, even when gone a couple of days. While in Brazil, it was strange that I reached a new record of miles per week for me. I didn’t expect that, but I guess it helps sometimes to be gone. 🙂 Enjoyed having lunch with you today after the SERVE DAY.

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