WK # 13 – “Having Fun!?”


Wk # 13 for the 2017 walk across America was loads of fun as we not only set a new record, but broke the 300-mile mark for the first time with 316.6 miles.  Awesome!  Our newest walker, Eric, set a new record for an individual walker with 84.2 miles.  Wow!!  However, every walker had great miles.  It was a team effort to break 300 and that was fun!

Yes.  Walking daily can get tiring, but looking for some fun moments makes each walk an inspiring experience.

People asked me in 2013, when I tried to walk 25 miles per day, six days a week with a goal of 150 miles per week, if I ever had fun.  There were some hard and tough days, but daily Glenda and I tried to have some fun.  (The story of that walk is in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time by Jim and Glenda Buckley and available on Amazon.com.)

During this stretch of road we traveled this week, we had some fun in 2013.  What kind of fun?

  1. I got to sing with the Trinity River Bluegrass Band in Winona, Missouri.  That was fun!!
  2. We joined Ed and Barbara Strenfel for Cowboy Church in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.  It was so special and so much fun.  Can church be fun?  Absolutely!!  Especially Cowboy Church with new friends made on the walk.
  3. Crossing the Mighty Mississippi on Cape Girardeau, Missouri’s mile-long bridge was fun! Actually, “out of this world” to be walking across this spectacular wonder, then to realize I had walked on foot from Newbury Park, CA to the Mississippi River.  I laughed, thinking I must be crazy!  It was a fun day.  🙂

I hope you are having fun on your walk every day.  If not, then join our record-breaking 2017 team that is on our way to New York City Times Square.  You can join us and have fun “going somewhere” just walking miles where you live or where you are.  Here’s what you do.

Walk and record your miles.  Get on this blog and at the bottom of the latest blog, include your name and miles, and you are on the team.  Report each week on Sunday for the miles you walked from Sunday to Saturday the previous week.  Have some fun added to your walk.  Join the team.  We’d love to have you, whether you walk five miles a week or 100 miles.  Join the 2017 walk and have some FUN!!  We do and would love to have you with us!!

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5 replies

  1. Wow and Wow! Eric is some walker….certainly a goal to strive for!

    Good job team for a great week. Love being part of this Walk across America.

    Happy Walking Everyone!

  2. If you don’t have one, I really love my fitbit. I have the fitbit charge hr. When I walk I try to get my heart rate into 130s. I can tap my watch to see my pulse at anytime and my pulse it constantly being checked and when I sync my watch to my phone I can see how I did through the walk. It also tracks steps, miles, estimates calories burned, it tracks your sleep, you can enter in your food and water intake, and other things. It’s really helpful when you are trying to reach new goals. If I don’t keep an eye on it, I find myself strolling along. Not that strolling is bad, I’m just trying to lose weight and get my heart in shape.

    Hope we all have a big week. We are going to have to switch our walk from New York to something further.

  3. April 2 – April 8 Joan walked 20.52 miles an Dave walked 9. 35 miles. I don’t think working on the backyard counts as miles but Dave spent a lot of time on his feet!

  4. The week ending with April 8th I did 88.51 miles. I think I would have hit the 100 mark if that little rain storm didn’t come mess up my joints.

  5. Great walking! Such an encouragement. We made a quick trip to Arizona and so I’m down a little – 13.7 miles.

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