Wk #14 – “Take Time to Sit”



When walking across America or any distance walk, take time to sit.  It’s ok!  In fact, it’s highly advisable.  Your body (especially your legs) will say “thank you.”

In Wk #14 of the 2017 Walk Across America, our team of eleven walkers this week walked 271.3 miles, taking us just beyond Jonesville, Virginia, on Hwy 58.  It was another great week of walking.  However, for each walker, it’s ok to sit down and take a break, whether walking 1 or 5 or 10 miles at a time.  In fact, I advise it.

On the 2013 Walk Across America, I took breaks during my 25 miles a day that I walked.  I discovered that just sitting for a minute makes a difference.  Sometimes, however, I sat longer.  On a stop at a gas station/convenience store (actually a little country store) just west of London, Kentucky, I sat for a few moments in a great rocking chair with some Good Ole Boys.  It was fantastic and refreshing.

More about that 2013 walk and the stop and rocking with the Good Ole Boys can be found in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time on pages 186-187.  (Book is available on Amazon.com.)

Our 2017 team is making a steady walk and are within several hundred miles of our goal of New York City Times Square.  Follow the walk on this blog in our final weeks, or join us and help us get there sooner.

Joining this walk is easy.  Walk where you live, but record your miles on a pedometer or another instrument and enter your name and miles on the weekly blog at the bottom of the blog where it says, LEAVE A REPLY.  Click “post a comment” and you’re on the team.  Welcome!!

When you join this team and start walking, remember to take time to sit.  I recommend any place to sit, but if you can find some Good Ole Boys with great rocking chairs, you’ll be blessed, just as I was in 2013 on our ACTUAL walk across America.

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7 replies

  1. Great job to all the team members walking on this particular Walk across America! We have a row of rocking chairs outside the front entrance of the retirement building I live in and I love sitting and rocking as I chit chat with our residents!! And Jim, I bet you were a real blessing to those good ole boys as you sat among them being refreshed and renewed for the rest of your walk that day. God is so Good!

  2. Did what you said this week. Skipped my longer Saturday morning walk before bed. I’ll never hit my 100 if I sit though. Haha 82.6 for the week ending on 4/15.

  3. Week – 4/9-4/15 Joan walked 23.35 miles and Dave walked 3.65 miles. Dave was on the Mexico trip so I’m sure he walked more miles that but he didn’t keep track of them:-)

    • You’re right. I’m sure Dave walked much more that 3.65 miles in Mexico. We’ll have to get him a pedometer that he can just carry with him when he’s “on assignment” again. Thanks to both of you for a great week of walking, with a little sitting at times. 🙂

  4. Now it’s time to get up and start walking again. I did 18.1 miles last week last week. Hope you all had a good Resurrection Day!

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