Wk #15 – “Take Time to PLAY” 


#32, (Jim, arms outstretched) The hills are alive.#35, (Jim flying with geese) Playing while waiting for repairs

When walking across America, or walking any distance, take time to PLAY. In the Wk #14 blog, I suggested taking time to sit.  This week, I highly encourage you to take time to PLAY.  Relax…have some fun.  It breaks the monotony and adds a spark to your step.  Did our 2017 walking team take time to PLAY this week?  I hope so.

What they did do was walk 269 miles in Wk #15, coming very close to the miles from last week.  This is an awesome team of consistent walkers.  That’s a great lesson for life.  Consistency takes you places in any effort of life.

On the 2013 Walk Across America, this section of 269 miles that our team covered in Wk #15 of the 2017 walk, took Glenda and me to a lot of communities and special places in Virginia.  During 2013, these 269 miles included some rainy weather, a leaky RV, difficult walking roads, but special places lined the walk.  For instance:

  • We camped in a church parking lot in Blacksburg, VA, right across the street from Virginia Tech and had an emotional tour of the campus.
  • We visited the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA. Quiz:  Do you know why such an important Memorial is located in such a small USA town?  Look it up.  (I’ll give you the answer in Wk #16.)  It was a very touching visit.
  • We were interviewed by TV station WVVA in Bluefield, W. VA.
  • Gig Edwards & family brought us dinner at a Walmart parking lot.
  • We toured the Liberty University campus in Lynchburg, VA.
  • We took a side trip to visit Appomattox. Awesome!!

You can learn more about these 269 miles from our book about the 2013 walk by reading pages 189 – 218 in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time (Amazon.com).

During one stop, I took time to sing “…the hills are alive with the sound of music” since that stop in VA reminded me of Austria.  Later, we had a leaky RV, but while it was being repaired, I took time to PLAY when I tried to fly with the geese. (See above pictures.)

TAKE TIME TO PLAY.  You will add a spark to your step and life!!

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3 replies

  1. We are having fun!! Here in Austria. We are enjoying the beauty of other parts of God,s creation. So many churches in Germany and Austria and they are being used for worship!

  2. Such a fun Walk! Happy to be a part of this group of walkers! God’s beauty certainly abounds in Georgia as Spring flowers and trees bloom more each day! The colors are beautiful!

  3. April 16-April 22 Joan walked 18.66 miles (with our dog, Hunter) and Dave walked 3.65 miles officially. He is working on our backyard so actually did walk than accounted for:-)

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