Wk #16 “Very Close to Times Square!!”



Wk #16 of the 2017 Walking Team’s effort to walk across America is coming to a close in a special way.  A team of 14 people have been walking for 16 weeks where they live, then recording their weekly miles on Walking With Jim blog.

The result?  After 16 weeks, the 2017 Team is only 16 miles from Times Square after walking 253 miles this past week.  What a team!  Congratulations are coming, but let’s look at the miles and places the 2017 Team walked this past week.  (This is based on the route of Jim and Glenda Buckley on their 2013 walk across America, recorded in Walking Across America: One Step at a Time  and available on Amazon.com).

The 2017 Team’s path took them through the following places in Wk #16:

  • Culpepper, Virginia (Civil War history)
  • Washington, DC
  • Baltimore (John Hopkins Hospital)
  • Joppa, MD & Pastor Ben Cachiaras & Mountain Christian Church (Great pastor & church)
  • Delaware Bridge
  • Princeton, New Jersey
  • Millstone Township (Kevin & Sherry…friends & hosts of Jim and Glenda)

The 2017 Team stopped just miles from Secaucus where the 25 members of the Buckley family and 16 other friends gathered after completing the 2013 walk on October 4, 2013.

Question from the Wk #15 blog:

Why was Bedford, Virginia, chosen as the site of the D-Day Memorial?

Bedford lost more residents per capita in the Normandy landings than any other American community. Nineteen soldiers from Bedford, whose 1944 population was about 3,200, were killed on D-Day. Three other Bedford soldiers died later in the Normandy campaign. Proportionally this community suffered the nation’s severest D-Day losses.  (Wikipedia – Bedford, Virginia)


Thank you, Bedford!! 

(Every American should visit this Memorial.)




Wk #17!!!  The 2017 Team is really close!!

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5 replies

  1. I walked 14 miles for weeks ending April 22. We are home now and happy to be back in sunny So. California. Unfortunately we both have colds and are still recovering from rough 24 hour return trip without sleep.
    I,m excited about reaching Times Square and enjoying reading about your 2013 walk.

  2. So where are we going after this week? A stroll through Europe? A visit to Santa Claus? Go south to see the penguins? How about up to Alaska to go crab fishing?

  3. April 23-29. Dave walked 12.15 miles and Joan walked 15.90 miles. I think the group will be crossing the finish line this week 🙂

  4. 73.7 for our push to the end.

  5. I went 20.8 miles this week. I think we have arrived in NYC!!

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