Wk #17 – “NY City Times Square – we’re here!!



After 17 weeks of walking, the 2017 team of 14 walkers reached their goal! New York City Times Square!  Awesome!!

Needing 16 miles in Wk #17, the 2017 team walked 224 miles, giving them 188 extra miles to either walk toward Boston or just walk all over New York City.  They chose to stay in NY City and saw what the amazing city has to offer. 

The final 16 miles included arriving at Fort Lee, then crossing the mile-long George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River.


Once in New York from New Jersey, the team walked along the Hudson River, then through Central Park before concluding the walk by walking into Times Square. 


In our imagination, it was a memorable sight, partly because we have real pictures of the 2013 walk that concluded the walk across America by Jim and Glenda Buckley.  (Some of those pictures are featured on this blog.)

The story of the ending of the 2013 walk is featured in Jim and Glenda’s book, Walking Across America:  One Step at a Time (available on Amazon.com.)  The culmination of that walk and celebration are featured on pages 274-292.  It was the highpoint of the 2013 walk across this great nation.

What’s next for the 2017 team of 14? 

Celebration will come first as the team will gather to share memories and benefits from being on the team.  The team has an invitation to meet at a home of one of the walkers, but she has been on a cruise.  Interesting isn’t it – to be able to go on a cruise while walking across America?  The power of imagination and the internet is amazing!!

Answering the question of “will there be another walk” will come next.  Where would we walk?  How many walkers can we recruit if we choose a longer walk.  The team has been tentatively invited to walk across part of Africa.  That would be interesting.

We are open to ideas, so enter any places you think the team should consider walking across if we choose to keep walking as a team.  Leave your suggestions on LEAVE A REPLY on this blog.

Thanks to the team for walking, and thank you to all of you who followed the walk across America.


Walking with Jim

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5 replies

  1. Hi Pastor Jim and Glenda, Great job on our travel. Africa or Australia, were ever you walk, I would like to follow. 🙂

    In Him, Carina

    Sent from Carina’s IPad


  2. I got this post yesterday. Diana

  3. Maybe checkout something like this


    That way you have pictures to post of where we are and been.

    We could also walk across the top of the US, then up through Vancouver, and up to Alaska.

    Or what about a walk that was done in the bible? No wondering around until we all die though!

  4. Not sure if we are counting anything towards a new walk. If so 83.8.

  5. Well? When are we starting up the new trip?

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