CELEBRATION TIME for Walking Team 2017!!

On May 11, several members of the 2017 Walking Team gathered at the home of Diana Falberg, one of the walkers, who hosted a luncheon.  After a lively discussion sharing the benefits of walking and the fun of walking across America together, the team drove to Times Square – not the New York one, but a plaza in Newbury Park called Times Square.  Pictures were taken of some of the walkers after a refreshing treat at Baskin-Robbins.

The 2017 Team discussed possibilities for the next walk.  After several excellent suggestions, we have decided to walk across Australia beginning on July 3.  Here’s the plan:

  1. Begin walking today, keeping track of your miles.
  2. Enter the miles you walked from June 26 – July 2 on the Reply at the bottom of this blog by July 2.  Those miles will be tabulated for the 2017 team, and we’ll be on our way across Australia.
  3. I have never been to Australia, so this will be a fun trip for Glenda and me. We’ll attach our 2017 team to previous walkers’ trails and paths across Australia.

Anyone can join the walk across Australia by doing the three items above.  We’ll name this Australia team 2017 A Team (A standing for Australia.)  If anyone has walked across all or part of Australia, please sign up to be a part of the 2017 A Team.

Some of the benefits that the 2017 Walking Team shared at the celebration were:

  1. Feel healthier.
  2. Flexibility to walk anywhere and be contributing.
  3. Walking reduces my anxieties and stress.
  4. I love walking and keeping my body moving.
  5. I think it slows my aging…at least I feel younger as result of my walking.
  6. Walking improves my attitude because I am doing something good, not just sitting and complaining.

Congratulations again to the 14 members of the 2017 New York team.  We’re hoping and praying for the 2017 A Team to have 30 members by the time we finish the walk across Australia.

NEWS FLASH!!  Glenda and I (Jim) will begin a short THANK YOU TOUR retracing our steps/path that we travelled when I walked across America in 2013.  We hope to connect with people from that walk and meet new ones. 

Follow us on our FACEBOOK page Inviting America Home.

Happy walking,


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9 replies

  1. I have been to Australia, went for the 2005 Deaflympics in Melbourne. My daughter’s stepson was playing on the USA Men’s Basketball Team and they won the Gold Medal. It was a great time and we did do a lot of walking.

    We went to church there too, a Christian Church/Church of Christ in Melbourne, we took a taxi to it but walked home to the hotel.

    Enjoy the “walk” I will be watching for reports.


  2. Hello walkers,
    Maybe we should do weekly averages instead of a sum. If we hit 250 miles a week, then we will be looking for a new place to walk in 2 months. An average will keep us walking through the fattening holidays. Lol. Plus the lag between ending one walk and starting a new on might lose us some walkers. It’s easy to go sit on the couch, a bit more difficult to get back off it. What do the rest of you think?

  3. I,m in for walking across Australia!

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