IMG_0058The same team that walked 3,131 miles across America in 17 weeks is beginning a new challenge this week, walking through Australia.  In the first week (June 26-July 2) four walkers recorded 112.2 miles.  It’s a start.

The specifics of the walk are not defined or decided completely.  The team will decide whether to walk across or around Australia, or do a combination.  Kilometers is used in Australia, but this America team will translate km into miles.

Using the reports of previous walkers who walked across and around Australia reveals walking across Australia to be about 3,000 miles while walking around Australia to be about 8,000 miles.

This walk will be an adventure regardless of across or around this amazing country and continent.

Anyone who has walked Australia is invited to reply to this blog and join us on the walk, as well as provide information to us Australian novices.  I have not been to Australia, yet.

You can join this walk by replying to this blog, giving your name and how many miles you walked the previous week, walking where you are or where you live.

We tabulate all the miles weekly and that determines how far our team walks weekly.  Spread the word.  We’d love for many to join us.  It makes the goal of getting to the finish line happen much sooner.

We had 14 “walking across America” and would love to have 50 or more walking Australia.

Excited about walking Australia,


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  1. I,m in. Just started recoding the miles walked along the beach yesterday. Will report at end of the week. The weather was gorgeous at the beach. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Lots of families enjoying the weather and fishermen on the pier. God is good.

  2. This sounds like an adventure, wish I could walk with you. I have been to Australia, was there in January 2005 for the Deaflympics. My daughter’s stepson (he is deaf) was playing on the USA Men’s Basketball team, he was in his first year of college, 19 years old and the USA won the Gold Medal. It was quite an event, handled like the Olympics with all the opening and closing ceremonies, about 3000 or more athletes. It was in Melbourne and we walked a lot but also did some bus tours while there. We attended a Christian Church/Church of Christ while there and it was very much like ours in the states.

    Have a great summer, I am in Wisconsin on vacation right now. Karen Brandt

  3. 61.76. Sorry. A little late. If it doesn’t count, that’s ok.

  4. Ooops, sorry. Just noticed my watch didn’t sync all week. That was last week’s minus a few miles. It’s 75.9 this week.

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