WK #2 of the Walking Australia had four walkers walking 150 miles meaning that in two weeks, just a few walkers had walked 262 miles from the starting point of Perth, Australia to 66 miles beyond Bodallin.

More of our previous walkers will be joining this walk soon (summer is busy), but anyone is invited to join this internet team.  (I explain later in the blog how you can join this walk for an adventure and to get healthy by walking.)

I am using the path that Deanna Sorenson walked and shared in her book, I Walked Across Australia.  Her path began in Perth, and I have a copy of that path that I found online.  Since I have never been to Australia, I’m researching as we go.  It is an adventure!!

In fact, walking is an adventure!  That’s one of the reasons I love to walk – you see so much that you miss by driving or flying or traveling by train or bus.

On my personal (and real) walk across America, I saw special things that I would have missed by not walking.  For instance, I saw a small turtle crossing the road.  I took it to my wife in our RV and she had a friend for part of the walk.  She’d have missed having that friend if I hadn’t been walking

Walking Australia, we left Perth (pictured above), a large city that is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia.   It is the fourth-most populous city in Australia with a population of around 1.94 million.  Then we walked through The Lakes (very pretty area),  Kellerberrin and Bodallin which covers 196 miles.  We stopped 66 miles beyond Bodallin, accounting for the 262 miles walked in the first two weeks.

Pictures of Bodallin area excited me because I saw large combines harvesting grain in the canola fields.  As a teenager, I drove a harvester for eight summers, harvesting barley and wheat and looked forward to seeing a harvester on my walk across America.  I never saw one – wrong season or there was no harvesting by the road that day On the second week of Walking Australia, I have already seen something I didn’t see in America.  How exciting!!

If you know of Australia or are Australian, I invite you to join this walk and this blog.  Here’s how you can do one or both.

1.  You can walk with us by walking where you live and recording your miles or kilometers.  (We’ll convert km to miles.)  Enter your name and miles each Sunday for the miles you walked from Monday to Sunday on this blog on LEAVE A REPLY.   I add all the team’s miles together and that’s what we walked that week.

2.  You can add information about any area or town we walk through.  I may use some of that information in blogs.

3.  You can invite others to join us and follow us or walk with us across Australia by following this blog since “the more, the merrier.”  🙂

Join us on this adventure and get healthy by walking Australia!!

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