WOW!! Walking Australia!

In Wk #3 of WALKING AUSTRALIA, all I can say is “WOW!!”  We had a good week of walking with six walkers reporting 185 miles, taking us 447 miles from Perth, Australia, to just a mile short of Norseman, Australia.

The WOW doesn’t come from the miles walked, though that number increases weekly as the number of walkers grow, and that is exciting.  However, the WOW comes from where we are walking.  Since we are walking via the internet and not actually walking, I am searching the internet for information of the path we are walking.  That’s where I get the WOW!  We are learning so much about places we have never been.

Walking teaches us so much.  What we see as we walk in real life tells us about now…what we see as we walk.  In the present we might see the past, meaning old, currently unused buildings telling us that what we see now has seen bigger and maybe better days.

As we stop near Norseman, having walked through Coolgardie, we could see that both areas have seen better days.  From the internet, I’m learning that that is true because this was Gold Rush territory in the late 1800’s; but once the gold was taken out, the newly established and bustling towns dwindled.  Today they are tourist towns and known as ghost mining areas.  About 1,000 people live in each town, so they are not ghost towns, just ghost mining tourist towns.  Some mining still goes on in the areas, but not much.

Let me encourage you to walk.  It’s great for your health, but also for your mind.  You can learn so much by what you see. Your curiosity will be aroused, so dig and find out as much as you can.  Learn and grow.

Next week, our WALKING AUSTRALIA team will walk through the Balladonia area which will be a walker’s dream or nightmare.   Do some research and see if you can discover why that area could be a walker’s dream or nightmare.  I’ll tell you my answer in next week’s blog.

Until then, keep walking for health and life.


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5 replies

  1. I’m so excited about the places we will learn about in Australia.
    I’m looking up Balladonia to learn more.

    • I’m excited, too. New places are fun, even learning about them on the internet. Balladonia is very interesting – a walker’s dream or nightmare, depending on the walker’s perspective.


  2. Are you walking in Australia, you know I lived there for ten years and have friends there.

    • Yes. We are walking across the southern part of Australia from Perth to Sydney. Have you been in that area? You are in our prayers.

  3. This week I logged 18 miles;)

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