Here’s the riddle from last week’s blog:

What is a walker’s dream or nightmare?

As our Australian Walking Team is walking across Australia, I search the internet looking for information about the areas in which we are currently walking.

Remember:  We’re not actually walking in Australia.  We are walking where we live or where we are and adding our miles to take us across a country or continent.

Remember:  We’re walking for our health, where we live or where we are, but find that something unique is an added motivator for walking.  Walking “with others” helps.  Walking in new places (like Australia) helps.

In Wk #4 our team walked 184 miles putting us 631 miles from Perth and twenty miles beyond Balladonia.  While looking up information on Balladonia, I looked on Google images and saw something astonishing. (Google Balladonia and click on images, and you’ll see it.)    It was a sign that said:

144 km on a straight road

I couldn’t believe it – 144 km or 89.4 miles on a straight road…no curves at all?  WOW!  Only in Australia?  I don’t know.  But I do know when I walked 3,131 miles across America in 2013 (Inviting America Home: One Step at a Time by Jim and Glenda Buckley on Amazon.com) I never saw a road like that. Whew!!

What do you walkers think?  Would that road be a dream or a nightmare?  Let me know by answering this blog on LEAVE A REPLY at the bottom of this blog.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

One more favor.  If you have walked Australia or are from Australia and the towns or areas through which we are walking, please do the following:

  1. Send information about Australia to this blog and/or
  2. Let me know if you have pictures of the part of Australia we are walking that we could put on this blog..

Next week our team will be walking through Calguna and maybe Cocklebiddy.  Check them out.

If you’d like to join this team, it’s easy.  Record your miles you walked from Monday to Sunday each week and submit your name and miles on LEAVE A REPLY, and we’ll welcome you to our team of eight walkers, with two more joining next week!!

It’ll be fun and you’ll be healthier because you are walking.

Keep walking.


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  1. Week 5 – Dave walked 5.55 miles (worked a lot in the backyard) and Joan walked 19.18 miles (didn’t work in ithe backyard).

    Dave and & Joan Rensch

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